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Thread: Best practice for recreational stalkers- final call

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    Best practice for recreational stalkers- final call

    We have had a great response to the event planned at Drumlanrig on 27/28 October, but can still take more. Our aim is to accommodate as many folks as want to come along. We have included practical content in all the sessions.


    This is a great opportunity to spend a day with some of the most knowledgeable people in our sphere of interest:

    Ronald Rose:
    One of the leading world experts on roe deer management.Many stalkers know Ronald, having taken their DSC Level 1 with him. Ronald's knowledge of roe deer is second to none. For many years Ronald and his father (also Ronald) have managed one of the largest forests in Scotland. Their work on forestry management now forms the blueprint for the planting of forests throughout the UK and Europe. Ronald will front the Planning session of WDBP.

    Jim Govan:
    Jim Govan is a Forensic Pathologist with expertise in ballistics, and advises Scottish police forces on firearms issues. His presentations are a highlight of Best Practice Demonstration Events. Jim's presentation will form an integral part of the WDBP, Welfare session.

    Callum Ferguson:
    Through Precision Rifle Services Ltd., Callum has become accepted as one of the most knowledgeable people in the UK with respect to rifle/ammunition performance and makes a major contribution to the Firearms session.

    Registration Form for WDBP event at Drumlanrig on 27/28 October now available on web site, click on:

    Details of sessions below.

    Mike Cottam
    Wild Deer Best Practice Officer


    27, 28, OCTOBER 2010
    (Free of Charge. Registration Necessary,
    Best Practice principles for the Recreational Stalker.
    1. Effective Stalking Through Better Planning.

    Importance/benefits of developing a Deer Management Plan (DMP), and links to SDM process

    Information in DMP

    Setting deer management objectives in DMP

    Measuring if deer management objectives are being achieved:
    · Nearest Neighbour Damage Assessment Method (NND) (practical)
    · Understanding the NND results and changing /reacting to them (time/infrastructure)
    · Reporting NND results – who should know?
    · How would deer use this ground? (practical)

    2. Meeting Your Responsibilities.

    Welfare and Responsibility - what is required?

    Deer Health:
    · Recognising ill-health
    · Carcass Inspection
    · Notifiable Diseases

    · Culling – shot placement; time to death
    · Bullet/calibre choice
    · Ballistics and signs/follow up
    · Dogs for deer (practical)

    Meat hygiene:
    · Field dressing (practical)
    · Extraction
    · Larder work (practical)
    · What do you do with the venison?

    3. Rifle Shooting – how capable are you? (practical).


    Calibres for woodland stalking

    Care of equipment

    Practical rifle shooting – 50m, 100m, 300m.

    4. Deer Behaviour and Stalking Efficiency.

    Impact of social/territorial behaviour and food requirements:
    · Time of year
    · Male/Female
    · Selective feeding
    · Soil and food types

    Movement of deer:
    · Creating movement
    · Cull sites
    · Access
    · Effect of disturbance/stalking pressure

    5. Running an Effective Syndicate

    What does the lease say?
    · Controllers to prevent impact? (crop protection)
    · Authorisations – Lessee and syndicate members?
    · Out of Season
    · Fit & Competent Register
    · Risk Assessment

    Importance of time on the ground:
    · Total time on the ground
    · Match time on the ground to behaviour of target species
    · “Collecting land”; stalking effort; hours per deer


    Areas of high public use

    Syndicate Structure
    · Lead member
    o Communication
    o Landowner
    o Members
    o DMG

    DMP objectives:
    · Achievement/Action plan

    Team Work:
    · Individual skills/tasks
    · “Greater Whole”

    Shared Information:
    · Qualifications
    · Accommodation
    · Targeted, up-to-date, minimise disturbance
    · Observations/experiences

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    I have been waiting for the invitation to come through for the Best Practice event. As yet I have not recieved any notification or invitation to attend. I subscribe to Best Practice and have previously attended an event.

    I am therefore wondering what action to take next as i would wish to go to this event also.

    Best Regards Dalkur

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    Is this a two day event or 2 one day event covering the same thing?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Newsletter and reg forms for subscibers at printer, expect next week. Or, fill in form off web page.



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    It's 2 one day events covering same material. You choose 4 sessions from 6 for the day. Some people are coming both days to cover all topics.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Cottam View Post
    Newsletter and reg forms for subscibers at printer, expect next week. Or, fill in form off web page.



    Mike: If the things are running that slow ,when are you going to have time to notify the people partaking in the event ,or will those letter be hitting the door step the morning of the Best Practice day.mmmm

    SNH, off to a bad start , there was always plenty of notification with the old guard ( if its not broken don't fix it ) always a good start

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    Widow's son,
    All the DCS staff (old guard) are now in SNH, but people move on into other jobs.

    I got this event in August, without a site having being identified. I takes some sorting on the top of an organisation merger.

    But it doesn't matter, it is not our intention to disappoint anyone, so just send in the forms.

    We even have a guy coming from Japan! Perhaps I'll introduce him to you?



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    Mike solutions not problems please , life is hard for everyone on the planet .

    Bring back Linzi between her a Sue Dymond can do these standing on there head, but we all know women can, Multi task. lol

    Please do, "Domo Arigato ,Do itashima*****"( translation)( thank you, your welcome ) because I'll introduce myself to you, since we have never met, I'll even bring 6 pointer which will really dissolve your day Alistair McG acts like a hedgehog ,when he see 6 pointer then requires weeks of rehab there after ,each sighting

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    Thumbs up

    Just an update.. Mike is bringing a whole new perspective to BP and the demo so I would like to say yes it's been a bit slower this year.. but we've all been coping with new systems and Mike is new on board so go easy.. we'll get there Take care everyone.

    Sue D

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    Hi all,
    I am still waiting for my invitation to attend the Best Practice Event.

    I am local and a paid up Subscriber to this excellent publication.


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