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Thread: Any electrically minded people on here?

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    Any electrically minded people on here?

    I am looking to purchase something like THIS that runs off of batteries rather than the mains.

    Any ideas what I can use and where I can get it?

    Its basically for running a remote control fox decoy I have purchased and if I can work out how, to control my fox caller as well.



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    go to a plane/car remote control shop mate for the assistance.

    hope that helps


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    Something like this would be quite similar:

    Single Channel Wireless Remote Control Kit : RF Modules : Maplin

    It only draws 40mA, so a bunch of AA batteries would run it or car battery, what does your fox decoy use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat View Post
    what does your fox decoy use?
    4 x C batteries

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    4 C batteries isn't quite enough to run it, but Maplin sells battery holders that would take say 8 AAs then you just need to wire it to power the module, then assuming that your fox decoy has some sort of on/off switch, you replace the switch with the connections on the relay of the module. You might also want to put the whole shebang in a waterproof box (probably also available from Maplin's though I haven't checked). Job done

    PM me if you want to continue the discussion off line...

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    Cheers ill send you a pm over the weekend.

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