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    F class Rifle

    Hi all, got a question for you. My license is up for renewal soon and was thinking of applying for a rifle for the F class catagory to use with the NRA. I was thinking of something like a 308 or 7.62 as i have military range close by at thetford. I already have a 22.250 hb and a sporting .270 but don't know weather any of these would be suitable.

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    .308 / 7.62 is a good choice for F-class 'standard', so you don't have to compete against the fancy calibres...

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    check out this website all you will need to know.

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    The hot calibres the moment for f class are the 7mm"s .284 winchester/norma or the 7mm wsm the .284 offers longer barrel life than the wsm.A 7mm wsm running flat out the barrel will be toast in about 1000 rounds.The 6.5x284 is also a good round but again it can be hard on barrels.

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    Straight .284 or the improved version the .284 shehane both very competitive and both with barrel life at over 1500+ and still competitive.
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