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Thread: Soft Southern Stalking!

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    Soft Southern Stalking!


    I made the 12 hour drive from hell & those bad weather conditions yesterday to get home after spending 4 days up in the Spey Valley.

    My previous trips to Scotland were mainly located to the border areas around Thornhill, however this trip made me see the stark reality of hill stalking & the hard work involved.

    Dont get me wrong I had a great time & will grab the oppertunity to get up again on the hinds in the winter-but I have just woken up to the fact that we on the South Coast do have a pretty easy time of it even though I at times say its been hard work dragging the odd beast 100m to the 4x4 with the benefit of our in most cases easy access to most places.

    Regs Lee

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    Hi Lee,

    I totally agree when i went about 3 years ago me and my bro were guided by a chap called Mike Holliday(if i remember correctly) and when booking with him he asked lots of questions about fitness/weight and actually went on to say that it can be hard work on the hinds!!!!!

    Bloody hell i am used to reds and sometimes dragging them a fair distance(this mornings was only a hundred yarder!) and the hinds we shot were smaller than what i shoot down here but we at one point had to drag 3 deer about 1/2 a mile all, downhill as this the only way to go but over/through heather, burns ditches and gorse!!! Apperantly we had shot them on the wrong side of the hill. So Mike had to get the landrover and drive all the way around the hill while me and bro had to get the deer down to the road. We did this in good weather so whats it like in bad?

    Not been back since but only due to lack of funds mind you but i will go back, hats off to all you who work in such environments. I did however feel i got more enjoyment from the hard work i put in, as opposed to driving up to a field seeing deer, getting rifle out and bang, then driving to it, attaching it to the winch in the truck and off we go.

    Regards cervushunter.

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