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Thread: Folding trestle table

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    Folding trestle table

    Hi All,

    Do any of you know where one can buy a folding trestle table for skinning/butchering? Bushwear sell them (they look good) but at 295 that's stretching my budget a bit.


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    Not sure this is what your after but its a useful site to bear in mind.


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    Ah I see. I think someone on the site makes them.

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    Try 300wsm, I think he makes this kind of thing.

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    hi lads does anyone know where i can get hold of a trestle table for roe carcas those at bushware are to expensive
    thanks bob

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    Have you tried Donnington Deer Management?

    No connection to them but they do fabricate a variety of lardering equipment.

    Good luck


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    If you are after a folding gralloching cradle please PM me.


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    If it is just for skinning out the legs etc before hanging to finish, a black & decker workmate works quite well! Leave a gap about half the girth of the deer and just lay it on its back. Alternatively, have a look at 'saw horses' on Evilbay. There are some that you can attach a chainsaw to which are just the job! (without the saw attached obviously!)
    Not suitable if you need to butcher on as well, but ok for small amounts of home skinning.
    I have one of the bushwear 435 quid ones and it is very good! Only paid half for mine though as it was part of a 'East of England Wild Venison Project grant.

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    if you are looking for a stainless steel table there are ones in ikea that might do.i know they do not fold down but worth a look

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