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Thread: Privi Partizan

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    Privi Partizan

    Whilst trying some homeloads today for my 243 , a mate gave me some of the above to try in 100gr, "they wont group at all" was my answer , as all other 100gr bullets that I have tried will not group less than a 6 inch circle . Well I tried a group of 3 and could not believe it - a perfect cloverleaf , might be worth investing in a few ay only 12 a box

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    Brian, a perfect illustration if ever I saw one, of suck it & see!.............. some guys are too quick to take someone elses comments on a round when they are giving it a poor rep.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    same for me.nice tight group,then went to another gun shop to by some and told how crap they were so would not be stocking.

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    Naw can't any good... too cheap and made in the former eastern Bloc

    Whilst I have not any in .270 as yes nor .243 I shall when the chance arises acquire some. The 196 grain in 8x57 shoots to around MOA in my rifle and years ago I had soem 129 grain 6.5x55 in Century Arms boxes that I believe was Privi. The headstamp is NNY.

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    I found out about PPU some time ago as I bought some purely for the Brass originally.
    I find they work for me in .222, .243, .308 and 30-06
    When I have passed the good news on, all I have acquired is a funny look and a snigger.
    A bit like the attitude among shotgunners when talking about Baikel shotguns or, in some cases, Remington rifles, all of which I have used and seen being used to very good effect.

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    I am using priv's in a Sako 85 6.5x55. They are a bit mucky but shoot nice tight groups and have accounted for 2 roe and 4 reds in the last couple of weeks. Now wondering if I'll use them on the hill stags toward the end of the season.....or should I go back to my trusty 129sst's...

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    Tried the privi's in .243 a few years ago and they did'nt do to well at all. It may be that they have improved, will have to give them a go.

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    are these in factory ammo ie. complete? or bullet heads for reloading?

    or am i away to get shot down in flames for terminology?

    sorry but everywhere our way you have to ask for "heads" or they bring you factory ammo, just got used to the terminology myself

    (off topic but was wondering if factory or not)


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    The discussion is about complete factory ammunition, Although the Privi component bullets are also imported I believe.

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    mmmm done a bit o reading on these and some good reports for the price

    no i just wonder if i can get my local rfd to get some factory ammo in 25cal and .22-250
    fat chance all places close to me are in the "dark ages" and hardly get what you want best o times
    from what reports im getting its cheaper than home loading and guys getting good groups....been so busy with work and 2 very young kids it would be fine for a change for wee while to get cheap ish factory ammo that groups !! save me trying to get going agian wi homeloading


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