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Thread: Only a week to go

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    Only a week to go

    It is with great sadness that I must inform you that I'm leaving.

    No not really just off to south africa for ten days next friday.

    To say I can't wait is an understatement. It's going to be a great trip. The ammo is loaded. Just got to go and check Zero and performance one more time, tonight maybe?

    I've chosen the 30-06 stoked up with 220 grain sierra bullets, a killer combination (excuse the pun)

    Not sure what's on the list this year, tend to just make it up as we go along, Wildebeest for sure, Maybe eland, Kudu, impala and warthog to name a few.

    Non trophy hunt but I'm sure there will be pictures a plenty.


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    Good luck Jerry, it sounds like you are going to have a bloody good time mate.
    Don't forget your camera and your note pad. We are all looking forward to reading your article.

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    Where abouts are you going and what species are you after.


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    going somewhere near Ellis Ras, species will include whatever I'm able to stalk, without scaring it away. Friend in south africa says that after the summer rains the bush is very thick at the moment, so very challenging stalking.
    The hunting in truth comes secondary to the experience; waking before first light to be seranaded by the doves all around as the rest of the bush wakes up.
    At night the complete lack of light pollution as you sit warming yourself around the remains of the braai, telling stories and talking rubbish as you have one more beer before turning in! Not to forget listening to the sounds of the bush at night as you rest your aching body from a hard days hunting.
    Oh yes I'm already there my soul less body sits here at work!

    Mr B you can bet your arse I'm going to have a bloody good time. Pictures a plenty and maybe some waffling drivel to go with them.

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    I'm originally from SA and so know exactly the sights/sounds and experiences you're refering to! Just got back from a trip myself and spent 4 days hunting bushbuck without even firing a shot. As you say though, the killing part is secondary to the whole experience.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing about your experience!


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    Just seen your post on your trip sp4rkman, great photos from a great trip it would seem.

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    Lucky sod Gerry.Hope all goes well and you bring back lots of photos.

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    Have a good time, I am counting down now to my overseas hunting trip.

    Best rgds


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    Gerry, have a great time, goes without saying you will anyway. We all look forward to hearing about your adventures on your return.

    Good luck, good hunting.

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    There's a certain type of anticipation that goes with a hunting trip abroad and it's gettng worse everyday, so much expectation,

    Only 6 days to go

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