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Thread: .243 Norma Oryx Vs. SP

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    .243 Norma Oryx Vs. SP

    Greetings esteemed ladies and gentlement of the forum!

    I have been using the Norma SP 100 grain for Roe this year, and am very pleased with its performance; however, using it on Red Stags this weekend, made me realise that its a bit under-gunned. Not having the ability to get another caliber approved 'and' purchased this season, I was thinking that up-scaling to the Oryx bullet might be a good alternative - from the Norma site it seems that it packs a bit more punch, opens faster, and helps drop a larger animal quicker.

    any input?

    thanks in advance,


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    Are you sure you want a bullet that opens faster? Surely, with 243 on a red you want something that will hang together long enough to get a good distance into the chest cavity.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    ive used federal .243 spbt 100g in the past on reds. never had a problem with them. They come in a blue box power shok i think they were called.

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    Winchester 95 grain ballistic silver tip will stop them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 177landy View Post
    Winchester 95 grain ballistic silver tip will stop them.
    Stop them doing what?

    Seriously, though; if the stags are in Scotland, the bullets are 5gr tooo light.

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    I use hornady 100 grain SP (not home loaded at the moment) and drop a fair few reds every year, no problem.
    Favour the .243 over the .270 I have. Some of the stags are big fellas as well and hav'nt had a problem.

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    I would stick with what you are using - if you go for faster opening then you run the real risk of lack of penetration if shot placement is slightly off.

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    The Oryx should be a much better bullet than the normal soft point. I don't see how it would expand quicker as it a bonded bullet.
    I only use Oryx in my 7x57R and my .308 they retain over 90% weight and i can vouch for that as i have recovered them from moose and weighed them.

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    Yeah, my impression was also that the Oryx opened slower due to the bonding and the higher jacket around the tip..compared to the SP. My thoughts were that if you accidentally put a bullet through a rib or a shoulder, the Oryx would provider better penetration and expand in the vitals, whereas there's a higher 'chance' that the SP might expand too quickly and leave a runner.

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    Second or rather third the fact that the Oryx would expand more violently than a normal SP bullet.Otherwise agree with last 2 posters. I have used Oryx in 6.5x55 but not shot any beasts with them.

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