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    .20 br

    Hi, guys i am having a bit of a clear out of the gun cabinet.I have forsale a 20br built by neil mckilop.It features a trued howa action,rifle basix trigger,24" pac nor 1-11" twist number 4 profile,reflex T4 ar,all bedded into a thumbhole laminate stock.Also supplied with 100 formed cases forster dies powder and bullets.This rifle has had only 50 rounds through it and will shoot genuine .25 moa groups.Sadly i just don't have time to use it.I an looking for 1200 pounds for the whole lot.

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    Hi sorry for resurrecting such an old post but I was looking for some advice on the subject of a BR case feeding from a howa action. How did it work for you.

    cheers m.

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