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Thread: Price to lease land

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    Price to lease land

    Hi there im looking at talking to a farmer about leasing the stalking rights on his land. He has about 700 acres with a good head of fallow on it and plenty of munties. what would be the going rate for something like this? Thanks for your help

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    I would guess it depends how many the farmer is looking to cull per year maybe he will want the munties hammered and the fallow left alone or maybe you just wanna hit 1 ot two of each per year for thhe freezer, wheather you would be looking to take paying clients onto the ground would of course put the price of leasng te land up i wuld guess so many factors the only 1 that can decide realy is the farmer himself he may decide £hundreds per years upto what ever price he decides or maybe be happy with a freezer or joint or two of venison and a bottle of good whiskey per year
    hope i make sense

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    what do you call a good head of fallow?
    and what is the ground actually like
    is it just arable fields with lots of little spinneys and thick hedgerows
    Any woods , if so how big are they
    or are you in the middle of several woods where the deer are constantly passing through the farm
    are you likely to take 10 deer a year or 30+
    what other ground do you hav and what is this piece worth to you
    as 700 acres on your door step of good accessible stalking is worth more than 1000's acres of forestry in scotland

    what did the farmer suggest along the lines of , as a £1500 is not a lot of money in reality

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    Thanks stone. There are two woods on the farm one is about eight acres the other is about ten acres with a few small spineys about as well. I had a drive by the other day and saw two groups of fallow one had thirty the other was twenty seven. There is also a lot pass through as theres a verey high deer population around.

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    A stalking mentor of mine has a lease. He is totally fed up as the surrounding farms are hitting deer left, right and centre, and there is nothing he can do about it. The farmers on the surrounding land have the attitude that one deer on their land, is one too many. This will probably come as no surprise to the more experienced stalkers. The point i am getting at, is there are so many factors involved when leasing. I suppose you can liken it to the ingredients of a cake, if any are missing, it spoils the taste a little. Regards, Ed

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    The fact there is no-one stalking it just now may suggest the money is not the issue for the farmer. It may be enough for the farmer simply to have someone on the ground he trusts and that in itself can deter un-desirables from the place. I have a lovely piece of Roe stalking right on my doorstep, 1500acres and another 2000acres 30mins drive away. I shoot what I feel is necessary, offer venison to the owners whenever they want it, and always respect any request they make. I have had it for about 12 years. I am confident if someone offered them several grand for it they would turn them down. They don't need the cash and they trust me.

    I also had about 5000acres of Sika and Roe for 5/6 years. Shot around 150 a year off it. Left to manage at my discretion. never cost me a penny. Again, I was trusted and they did not need the money. Unfortunately the farm manager was the issue and he had the owners ear. Now his mate does it. That's life.

    I also pay for some stalking with a couple of close friends. We have had that for about 12 years as well.

    What I am saying is that unless it is a lease up for grabs and a guide is offered, who knows what it's worth to you, worth in real terms and worth it to the farmer having you on his ground.

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    I stalk on a 450 acre farm and agreed with the farmer £1 per acre. I will probably take 8 or 10 roe off of it this year although there are a lot more and numerous fox so it's costing me about £45 a deer to shoot. Works out cheaper than a paid stalk with a guide (although i'm not knocking that) and I can get out as often as i want for a stalk or to train my pup up.

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    I had a chat to a guy who plays pool 3 times a week.
    Total cost plus beer money and petrol estimate was around £60+ a week
    At £3000+ a year it puts stalking into an affordable bracket !

    If its worth it to YOU ,then its the right price.

    (The conversation was about ten years ago ?So what the prices are now???????)
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    How have you all come to the conclusion that you should be paying him!!! To shoot fallow on farmland he should be paying you because its bloody hard work. I'm afraid that this bizarre situation has been created because there is always someone who is willing to pay. Now you are stuck with it. If you really want the stalking then I would offer him a 50:50 deal on venison value that way you both share the good times and the bad. I think that you would be mad to shell out a flat rate for rent each year but I fully expect that I am in a minority of one on this. JC

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    +1 with JC but its fast becoming expected that we pay for all our shooting.

    Ive just been asked to do an assessment for rabbit control on some 'government funded body' land and, after providing the assessment, was asked 'how much will this cost?'

    At £2.00 a bunny I'll be doing it for free thanks very much.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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