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Thread: Stock Dimensions for the Physically Enabled

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    Stock Dimensions for the Physically Enabled

    Boys and Girls,not forgetting the Girlyboys and Shim's!

    Is it just me ?

    Choosing a firearm for me is like visiting a shoe shop ! I walk in, ask the vacant sales assistant (who is usually doing facial pizza impresions) what their largest shoe size is. Inevitably the reply is almost always "Uh, twelve I fink", I say thank you, hand them an oxy10 and leave.

    My "gift" is that I have large hands and feet. After reading reviews on this rifle and that, then shortlisting them carefully I just know that as soon as I pick that rifle up (more often than not) my right index finger is going to fit perfectly around the beautifully crafted and contoured front end of the TRIGGER GUARD. The trigger itself sits alone,sulking, wondering what it has done to deserve this treatment from Monkey Man ! Short of fitting a custom stock to all of my rifles, I have to contort my shovels half way down the stock with one or two of my "smaller" fingers bungee jumping in mid air beneath (I now have to fit an extended cap to the base of the pistol grip on most to compensate, even then the comb is normally too far forward for my thumb to fall naturally). So the final choice is usually down to whether it fits my hand or not and whether some DIY is needed. Luckily for me a Sako 85 is near enough to get away with not calling Tommy Walsh. Has anybody else experienced this, or similar, with stock dimensions on modern rifles ?

    Eagerly awaiting sensible and abusive replies


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    You are right to be concerned about the fit of your rifle. The following article goes into this in some depth.

    Fitting The Long Range Rifle

    Mannlicher Pro-Hunter has the option to put more spacers on the end of the butt and increase the length of pull.

    Rgds JCS

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    The stock must fit, at least to a certain degree.
    I have fitted a rifle stock to myself before and using
    it in the field is a dream. I've had people come into
    my workshop and we change small things on our stocks to
    make them more "comfortable" for the individual.
    In your case it sounds like a bit more work. You could buy
    a second hand walnut stock for your rifle and spend an evening
    with a carpenter to make changes to the stock.
    If it comes to the worst paint a solid colour over the stock later.

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    JCS & EDI,
    Thanks for the replies, good link too JCS it backs up what I was thinking. Was wondering if anybody else has any niggles with stocks. I've heard Sauer take downs aren't recommended for use with a bipod, which put me off because that acually sort of fits my hand and I fancied the switch barrel option. And certain others who's forends are so flimsy that they flex under normal usage, Steyr M for instance I've heard still aren't the best even on the revised version.... It just seems daft to me, some of these are very expensive bits of kit and they can't get the basics right as manufacturers ?

    Handing over to you


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    I have a similar problem to you Ade, I find the pistol grips are generally both too narrow and shallow leaving my hand feeling bunched up and the trigger half way down my index finger.

    My M65 stock was really poor, it must have been designed for someone with really dainty hands, my little finnfire seems quite chunky by comparison.
    I also generally find combs are way too low for scope use.
    I am currently having the finnfire modified so that the combe is height adjustable.

    Regarding the M65 I met a guy who made me a custom stock for a modest fee and it's transformed shooting the rifle.

    The mannlicher pro hunter I had was the best off the peg non thumbhole stock I've tried in terms of ergonomics.

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