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Thread: An evening out with Wayne and Max

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    An evening out with Wayne and Max

    After a phone call mid week from Wayne, a time was arranged to met at his house. Got all the kit sorted and off to his fallow ground.
    Had a look at some of the ground from the road and a check of the wind direction and the plan was to head up through the farm and park half way up the ground. Got the rifle's sorted and all the other kit. Not forgeting the most important 'tool' Max!!!!
    We headed off up a plantation strip to see what was on the higher ground, we reached an opening, Wayne in front, me to his right and slightly behind and max on Wayne's left. I was told don't go on Wayne's left as Max will give you a 'look'? Oh boy what a look he gave me when I went the wrong side.
    Wayne stopped as we got to the gap, put his sticks up and gestured to me to get the rifle on them, 2 does sprang out of some cover and another took for the wood. No prickets showed. The 2 does cut across the drilled field back down towards the pick up, as we continued along the headland max picked up the sent on the wind of the 2 does, now this dog is something special to watch!
    Nothing showed along the headland so it was back to the gap and across a rape stubble field towards a belt of woodland that Wayne wanted to check but as we got through to where we wanted to get we were halted by a herd of cattle who would trail us and spoil any chances of catching up with some deer. Wayne opted for plan B.
    We headed back to a high seat which we were going to go to later, we got up after Max had got settled in for the duration below and watched over the rape stubble with a new continental style high seat/tower some 350yds opposite us. As we had approached the high seat we could see a doe already out on the headland so the omens looked good
    After a while passing the time of day, we spotted another fallow emerge onto the headland and walked straight into the stubble, bins were up and it was confirmed as a nice looking pricket. "Happy enough with the range" said Wayne. "Yes " i said. He continued to walk out into the field and heading towards a lower wood.
    I was tracking him happily in the scope and Wayne whistled to stop him. He stopped nicely bradside some 170yds out. Safety was off, brain was telling me to pull but my finger would not squeeze!! I hesitated to long and he was off.. I used to get the same 'block' when I did a look of clay shooting and have not had it while rifle shooting.
    We waited for a while longer and another doe showed and headed off in the same direction as the pricket. By now the light had beaten us. Down we got, one last glass and over by the other high seat 5 fallow were making their way down into the middle of the field.We headed along the headland we were watching, as we got parallel to the doe which was now out some 100yds, Max got wind of her. Now this dog is amazing to watch, he adds another whole dimention to stalking. We were now heading back to the plantation strip which we first walked up. Max was 'winding' air scent all the time now, so we stopped and glassed the field, you couldn't make out anything with the naked eye but through the bins we spotted the 5 bucks that came out by the high seat/tower. Wayne siad the stock fence was around 200yds away and these fallow were really big bodied, so the rut will look promising for Wayne, Andy and Max.

    Back to the pick up and back home.

    Thanks Wayne for a great trip out mate and to have the opportunity to stalk in such good ground. Also to Max for doing his bit, just the look he gave us back at the pick up said it all, "well I did my bit, what about you!"

    Thanks again Wayne


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    Hi Jon
    No problem mate and the rain held off can't be bad

    cheers Wayne

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    Well done Jonathan,brill write up sounds like you had a great evening,I've had that look off Max for not going on the right & like you say he's a great dog to watch,well done all

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    Nice one Jono & well done to Wayne & especially Max.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Jon, you were in good hands (paws) with Max! Waynes not too shabby either I suppose

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    jonathan glad you had a great time it was as if i was there myself
    great experience stalking over max as you say a whole new dimension
    when stalking . after going out with wayne and andy
    and also my good friend david ( aka max ) up in norfolk
    I bought a fully trained gwp bitch from shooting times money well spent

    ATB pete .

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    Jon sounds like you had a good time with a great duo
    hope to catch up soon

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