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Thread: External Dog Beds

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    External Dog Beds

    I have four dogs and they all live outside. Can anyone suggest any good dogs beds/benches?

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    We use the blue plastic 40 gallon drums.

    Cut in half like you would to make a BBQ with a frame underneath they make good benches or laid on there side with a rectangular hole in one end they make great all weather beds.

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    Cam, that's a really good idea!
    I don't have out door dogs, but i think that would make a great bed.

    I do know a good seller ... but i'm not sure if they have outdoor beds.

    It's worth a look! good luck

    <a href="">Pet Bed</a>

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    I have tried almost everything going over the years for my dogs which I have, 2 that live indoors and 2 that live outdoors.

    For the house dogs, a couple of years ago I bit the bullet and bought both Tuffie dog beds which are expensive initially but are well worth it in my opinion.

    My outside dogs have a simple bed which started life as a pallet and I give them hay to sleep on which is warm and it doesn't matter if they are wet when they are put in their kennel.

    They hay doesn't smell bad, they don't chew or destroy it and I change it regularly and burn the old stuff, A new bale costs me about 2 and lasts for ages.
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    Mine are in a Kennel, and I use shredded waxed paper.
    Was thinking of trying Hay though. doesn`t it get dusty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Mine are in a Kennel, and I use shredded waxed paper.
    Was thinking of trying Hay though. doesn`t it get dusty?
    Not an issue with mine. There is a burn right beside my house that my lab is always walking in, so maybe that helps lol.

    It was the cost or rather lack of it along with the constant, cheap supply the swung it for hay with me.

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    Hay at 2.00 a bale I will take a thousand, I could double my money it's 4.25 down here

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    Hay, posh round your way! We use straw!

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    the wifes GSD sleep on a bench ,a blue plastic pallet topped with 3/4 external ply ,pressure washer clean easy !

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    Try these , I have not had thier benches but got some kennel panels from them recently and very happy with the product and service

    Click image for larger version. 

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