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Thread: 17HMR Sound Mods

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    17HMR Sound Mods

    Im thinking of buying a better sound mod for my 17hmr at present Im using a SAK , do any of you use SM11 or LE1 and if so what do you think of them..???



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    It's L.E.I.
    I have the L.E.I and love it, got to give it top marks.
    I like you started with a SAK, and have now tried most of the others, including a Wildcat Whisper (in .22 and .17), DM80, ASE Utra and some I have forgotten the names of.
    The L.E.I. is without a doubt the best of the bunch, I have the black finished one, even the finish seems robust.
    Although it doesn't strip for cleaning, which I consider a big plus, it comes clean in about 5 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner.
    Even accuracy seems improved, not that hitting rabbits was ever a problem, but it has tightened the groups up nicely.


  3. #3 wonder I couldnt find it when I googled do you find the noise it a big difference??

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    I had an sm11 with my hmr and blew the baffles to bits within 100 rounds, swapped it for a Wildcat Whisper and have not looked back since, well worth the extra dosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman View Post wonder I couldnt find it when I googled do you find the noise it a big difference??
    There is no such thing as a big difference with HMR mods, provided you leave the unknowns alone.
    The L.E.I is marginally quieter than all the others I mentioned, but the sound is a deeper note, seems less offensive ?
    If the budget is of any concern then stay with the Sak, if you shoot a lot change every year or two.
    The one thing to remember about different mods is you (pulling the trigger) will hear the difference, people 50 yards away will not, and the rabbits don't care anyway.
    I have been shooting bunnies with an unmoderated .22 Hornet lately, I still get 2 or 3 from a group.
    I don't know where you are, but if close enough you are welcome to come and listen to mine.


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