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Thread: Who uses Helly Hansen products?

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    Who uses Helly Hansen products?

    I noticed that some of the forum members use HH lifa as a baselayer. Who uses other things from HH like jackets, trousers, etc....
    They seem to be used a lot by fishermen on sea , on oil platforms, etc.....
    Alaskan outfitters recommend HH impertech stuff as being far better than gore tex stuff for hard alaskan conditions.
    In general : how good is the HH stuff ?

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    I have been using HH Lifa since the early 1980's, and have at times had jackets and trousers from them but not for many years. The quality was always excellent.

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    im working in norway as we speak (work...mmmm sitting on my ass on standby more like )

    and the HH stuff over here is everywhere its as common as muck everyone using it.....saying that its all sea or fishing related products.....

    but offshore on the rigs you see alot of folk wearing HH underlayers, t-shirts and the like....and it can get really really cold oot here.

    i would imagine that as base layers etc it would be some of the best on the market.....lets face it if the norwegians are using it and they know what works what doesnt then it must work and be worth it


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    HH lifa Base layers are the best I've used. I've got some smart wool and icebreaker tops and while they are arguably more comfy for mooching around the house in, the helly's perform better in the field in more extreme conditions. I've still got a set I bought 10 years ago, they are getting a bit thin on the elbows now but still useable and I wear them loads in the winter spring and autumn.

    Cotswold outdoor have a deal on twin packs at the moment, I'll be getting another couple of pairs shortly. If you get some they need to be skin tight to work as they should.

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    I have been using HH layers and fleeces since 1977 and still rate their "Lifa" base layers as the best around.. Also use Berghaus layers which are indestructable even after several hundred washes... I love Icebreaker but they wear out VERY quickly and cost double what they should...

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