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Thread: stena line and rifles

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    stena line and rifles

    hi guys

    I am traveling over in a couple of weeks to wales to the WMS range, i will be taking a couple of rifles and ammo with me. When i contacted stena line for information they basically said that ammo and rifles must be in a lockable case for the duration of the crossing. I was wondering if anyone can let me know if the plastic case that new rifles are shipped in are ok if a padlock is fitted to prevent them from being opened or must the case be similar to airline approved?

    thanks in advance


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    Keith, as far as I know, the rules you refer to apply to foot passengers taking rifles. If it is in the boot of your car, I have never had any issues.


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    They can be a bit funny about carrying ammo on soft hulled boats, like the HSS or P&O's express service. I know if you're on the P&O slow ferry it's not a problem as long as it's locked in your car. (and if you're in SACS you'll get 15% off your crossing)

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    Contact Stena Line direct and get the answer in writing !
    A few years ago I was taking a friend over to Wicklow for his first Sika stag.
    We had the valid Irish rifle permits and hunting licences. They refused to allow my friend to take the ammo he had declared and the local Police were called to take it into custody. They also took my car keys from me and I had to get them back before we could disembark at Ireland. The Police at Holyhead also confiscated a very expensive hand-made hunting knife from him to add insult to injury which we managed to recover upon our return following much hassle and visits to two different stations.
    This was my last trip over there and at 77 I can do without such nonsense now.
    I have been going over stalking each year since 1971 when I was first over there as a member of the England International DTL clay pigeon team.
    You may have to purchase ammo here if they are using similar rulings.

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    Now you have me worried, when I spoke to stenaline they said notify the check in staff and make sure the rifles and ammo are in lockable cases. I don't want to turn up on Friday after travelling down to Dublin and find I need to leave the ammo behind. As you can imagine the amount of ammo required for a range day could turn out expensive especially given the time I have spent reloading for the trip. I think I will call them again tomorrow to make sure we don't have any surprises.

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    I have been across to Wicklow with a mate on three occasions with Stena Holyhead –Dublin , first time was no problem Serial no’s checked , sailed through(sic) .
    Second time was a nightmare , the Police took our knives (again recovered after we returned to the UK ) & the Stena jobsworths said they wouldn’t allow any ammo on board . After speaking to the port manager who was the only person around who knew the policy regarding guns, he allowed us on board with rifles & all ammo( 40 rounds each ).After driving onto the ferry the guard asked us if we were the ones with firearms , when we said yes he told us “make sure you lock the car & keep your keys with you won’t you !” We could have shot 80 people on board that day but at least nobody would have got stabbed !!!!
    Third trip wasn’t a lot better despite reading their T&C’s back to front & ringing 6 times to get the written permission to carry firearms which the terms stated we needed .Each time I was being told that they couldn’t do that & I’d just need to speak to the people at the port !!
    In the end we just rolled up , didn’t get asked about the knives (we were prepared for that one ) luckily , but the first question we got was “have you any ammo? no ammo allowed on board !! "
    Again argued till they were blue in the face , got the Stena port manager down who said no problem go onboard !!! Aaaargh ! So ridiculously inconsistent its unbelievable .

    Dublin was a doddle on all three occasions , why Holyhead is such a nightmare , I don’t know & I can offer no advice other than to print off their terms & conditions & document when you contacted them to seek permission ( there is a limit on the amount of ammo you can take , I think its 1000 rounds ).

    Good luck with your trip !!!

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    Surely this is all against the united Europe policy? open ports etc, do you actually have the car searched on this route? If not why even tell anyone if you have all the permits keep stum unless they actually ask you, then obviously don't lie but why they should confiscate your knife is beyond me how many caravans have carving knives etc, and we all know that these folk in caravans are so much more trustworthy than these bad men with guns
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    The secret is to tell them bugger all.

    Drive up, unless you are specifically asked, I would not volunteer to tell them anything, just drive on to the ferry. Of course, if there are three guys in a 4x4 dressed in cammo, they might just ask you....

    Larne - Stranraer is much easier.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Spot on mate, we do exactly that dress very casually jeans and jumpers never ever get hassled, 2 idiots who went on the same boat as my mate last year got the third degree as they were all in camo looking like they were about to assualt Kabul muppets
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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    We volunteered the fact we had firearms & told the truth about whether we had knives (on the first trip at least ) so we didn't get searched . However , we did see alot of other cars & vans being pulled over & "inspected" (searched is too strong a word ) .If you are anything like me you would have a vehicle filled to the gunnels with shooting paraphernalia (or dead animals !explain that one !!) then you'd stand a very good chance of being rumbled .
    Personally, I wouldn't risk a trip that was gonna cost a grand & 4 days holiday that I've been looking forward to for months for the sake of a bit of hassle . What would they do if the found guns ? I suspect the very least that would happen is that you don't sail with Stena anytime in the near future - trip scuppered .
    The knives thing was stupid & basically the Police didn't know there own law.Didn't get asked last time perhaps they do know .

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