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Thread: How far????!!!!!!!!

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    How far????!!!!!!!!

    I was having a browse on the web for reports on the Barnes TSX and came across this thread on There are some interesting posts there but just look at some of the distances they are quoting, e.g. an elk at 745 yards.

    Now, I'm quite happy creeping around in the undergrowth and tend to take most of my deer, invariably roe or muntjac, between 50 and 100 yards. I know things stretch out a little further on the hill but surely nobody pushes their luck as far as some at reloadersnest appear to do.

    Any thoughts?
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    If he shoots at 750yards on elk, he is a hell of a shot, but no hunter. Frankly I think it's . If not, the guy is a serious creep...~Muir

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    You need to go on youtube and see some of the longrange hunting the guys from the usa are into,its a bit over the top if you ask me athough i am no stranger to the odd long distance fox i would never shoot deer over 150 yards, most of my shooting is out to at a stretch 100 yards. I have more respect than that for deer and the chance of wounding and watching it dissappear through the woods is not for me.

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    People are being sold on ranging scopes, higher BC's and any other technology that will deliver a bullet to target. But being able to hit a target doesn't always make it right to squeeze the trigger..... Any elk shot at 750 yards could have been stalked to 300 with little effort. Unfortunately the emphasis has gone off of the hunt and placed on the killing.~Muir

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    I am afraid to say that yes there are those you go in for such distance shooting at live quarry. I could post a link or two but won't unless pressed to do so. The ones I have seen the videos of used specialist set ups, not you average hunting rifle and are usually chambered for some hot rod cartridge.

    One chap shoots Mule deer at what we consider excessive range but it appears that getting closer than 400 yards is nigh on impossible due to lack of cover of any kind. the place is dead flat with low growth. In the off season he practices as do a lot of Americans on the local Ground squirrel population and Prairie dogs. Using his father as a spotter and laser range finding equipment he got a first shot kill on one at 1100 odd yards. I cannot recall the cartridge but it's something like the 7mmSTW or one of the Lazzaroni cartridges fast and flat shooting with plenty of power too. However he gets as close as he can to the deer unlike some who try for the furthest shot they can so actually they are poles apart.

    Just popped over to check a few things. The "dedicated2 long range deer shooter uses several rifles and hot cartridges like:-

    .300 RUM
    .33h Tomahawk (what ever that one is?)
    7mm STW (Shooting Times Westerner)

    His brother shoots with him and is using a 6.5x244 the video shows a 1027 shot on a Doe. Not only do they use a laser range finder but a artillery type one as well. The forum is called beyond 500 yards and is on a hunting site in the US the shooter is the owner of that site.

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    Most of my deer are shot between 10yds to 100yds. I have taken them up to 200 yds which is what I zero at, I do not think I would be comfortable taking shots on deer at anything more than that. I think my skill level would be lacking, too many variables as well fo me.

    I have a friend who trained on an estate in the Scotland, he goes back every year to help with the hind cull. Two years ago he went the week after they had had the head of the Swedish sniper school there. He used his .338 to quite astounding effect. It's not stalking though.

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