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Thread: Red Rut....How long??

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    Red Rut....How long??

    As per the title, how long should the red rut last? The earliest I can get to my ground is next week, most likely the week after.

    Spoke to one of the syndicate members who is up there now and said it was quiet some stags were roaring but he was expecting to hear much more. He has seen a huge hummel though and also the first two Sika on our ground (don't know if that is bad or good, maybe bad for the forestry, good for us ).

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    You will be fine for next week and the week after, it is as late as hell this year.

    This Saturday past on the way out the glen we spied 40 stags still together.
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    As Dan has said, the rut is very late this year, I'm just back from 2 weeks on Barisdale and the stags are starting to roar but still in groups. There are groups of hinds on their own and very quiet in the glens. Stags sitting around chewing thier cud with fill guts, nothing like this time last year. Do you think we need some frost to get them started ?
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    One of my stags started 3rd week of August this year and is already looking almost past his sell by date; mind you he is very conscientious about his work and his hinds normally start calving about May 4th. I was thinking of running a competition at the end of the rut; he was weighed at the beginning and I will weigh him again at the end and you can guess the percentage of bodyweight loss.

    On the other hand another stag that has a group of yearling hinds has only been going well for about 2 weeks as the yearlings are a bit later coming into season.
    I think it is an advantage that they can all hear the early stag and smell the activity too, it helps get them going.
    As for how long the rut lasts, it ends abruptly on November 8th cos that's when I take all the stags out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K333ROE View Post
    Do you think we need some frost to get them started ?
    This is a misconception that it is the cold that gets them going.

    What actually gets them going is the day length.

    Some people believe that the hinds come into their cycle which starts the stags off.

    Some believe it is the stags roaring that bring the hinds into season.

    Whatever version of that you want to believe it is still day length that triggers it.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I am just back from our ground on the West Coast of Scotland, I heard a bit of roaring Saturday night but nothing Thursday, Friday or yesterday, but it was wet and mild. Of the 4 wallows I found none had any signs of new activity, the Switch I shot was not in rut either. I think you will be fine next week.



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    I was out on the west coast on friday evening and watched a stag roaring and holding hinds. I shot a younger beast that had a small group of hinds and a full belly, and saw a stag shot that had started. It seems to be under way slowly but not with a bang!

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    this weekend with fingers crossed I'll be up to my tits in deer

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    I was out stalking this weekend in SW Scotland. Even though we shot 10 stags the rut was'nt in full swing. We heard the roaring, saw plenty of wallows, and saw many stags questing, but we didn't really see any stags with hinds.There was only 1 with an empty rumen. I think if you are out this coming weekend you will have hit it just right.ATB Rich

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