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Thread: Cost difference between homeloading & shop bought!?

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    For me one of the biggest benefits is continuity as in the past I would buy 2 or 3 boxes of ammo then when I next went to the same gun shop it wouldn't be in stock then I would have to get another brand/type etc.

    I also like reloading and I do shoot a lot more now that I reload, once or twice a week I wander out from the house to shoot 20 or 30 rounds at long distance steel if I knew that I might not be able to get the same ammo again especially if I had come to like it I would start to hoard it. Now once I have found a load that I like for a rifle I buy a lot of heads, cases and powders so I want for nothing. I doubt if it has saved me any money.

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    as to pkl,s comment, it take you 200 rounds to find a load for your rifle , i think your doing something wrong mate, i for one would never buy factory, because i enjoy loading, and in all my years of handloading, ive never had a rifle, that i couldnt find a load for, if you shoot, you either buy factory, or handload, wether its cheap or not. it as simple as that, bs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftHandGuy View Post
    Obviously the whole thing is very circumstance dependent.

    If you are a recreational deer stalker who shoots but one centrefire rifle, it would probably take a long while for the setup and running costs of reloading to equalize with, then beat, the costs of shooting midrange ammunition.

    If you shoot multiple and/or unusual chamberings this changes things significantly - I've fairly recently acquired a 375 H&H, and even here cheapish factory ammo is $2.85 a round. I shudder to think what that would cost me back in the UK, but I can reload for $0.40 powder $0.50 bullet $0.04 primer + $1 for a new brass case which I can hopefully get several reloads out of - say I get five to give each case roughly $0.20 value that means I'm shooting full power 375 H&H loads for roughly $1.14 a shot. For contrast, the cheapest Hornady and Winchester 308 hunting ammo at my local gun store is $24 a box.

    Obviously my time has a value too - but I have a lot of time when I cannot be out shooting or hunting, so homeloading allows me to extend my hobby into time where I would otherwise just be "at home" after the children have gone to bed.

    Getting into it with the hope of saving money will probably leave you disappointed, but it's hugely satisfying. Also, the economics of it scale rapidly if you load for multiple calibres, especially if they include more esoteric, specialized or just plain expensive ones.
    5 a round for Federal TBBC or Sledgehammer


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    To answer the initial question, it is going to be 22 pence of powder give or take, 5 pence a primer and 30 pence a bullet (if you buy 250 at a time, 35 pence if you buy 100) If you already have your factory shot brass, bingo, if not, you can pick up once fired for 10-15 pence a pop which will go a few times, so you can add a couplathree pence a bang for that.

    Basically the cost in components is going to be about 60 pence for the bullet you are currently using. A saving of 1.40+ a bang is not insignificant if you shoot a fair bit.

    I don't know what value you put on your time but loading 100 rounds will save you 140 and will ensure consistency, availability and no requirement to drive to fetch the stuff.

    Reloading is boring though, especially when you need lots of ammo. Double edged sword I find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sh1kar View Post
    5 a round for Federal TBBC or Sledgehammer

    To be fair - for me to buy the same or similar bullets would probably cost me 2 or even 3 times time more per bullet than I'm paying for 270 grain sp Interlocks. But even if I triple my bullet spend to $1.50 that still only takes me to $2.14 per shot. And of course, I can go the other way as well by loading cast bullets. The cost per bullet isn't significantly better (although I could get into casting my own), but the loads use about half the powder and put a lot less stress on the brass.

    So, as with all these things, whether it's good value to you depends where you draw your lines and what you value...

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    I reload simply to have a ready supply of consistent ammo. Got fed up of never being able to buy the same brand or weight in local outlets, Therefore always having to check zero and having two or three rounds left of the previous box. I bought second hand kit and am certain I am now saving over factory ammo. Best purchase was a old set of laboratory scales,had a beam scale and cheap battery scales before and was never confident in their accuracy or consistency. I now have total confidence in charge weight,and shooting is all about confidence.

    But I definitely shoot more now!!

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    I have now definitely made up 100 rounds of 243 and 50 of 308 which cost me about 90.00

    160 rounds of similar BT ammo would have cost me about 280.00

    So I think i have just about covered the cost of the second hand dies press and scales.

    Just got a 6.5 55 and struggling to get rounds for it. I had to settle for 125g despite the fact i wanted 140s, Then it cost me 15.00 just to zero the dammed thing so pleased i can reload.

    BUT i didn't do it for the money and i am not big into load development. I just liked the holistic approach to my hunting

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    As with any hobby it's easy to get involved in the many "extras and openings" .
    I started with a 7.62x39 and -with expanding factory ammo very hard to come by- started handloading.
    Great help -with the bonus of a constant supply- but even with a low cost Lee press etc the rounds were quite expensive.
    Costs started to fall as I added 243 and 308 to my ticket, had access to a range and stalking, but now changed opportunity to shoot means I rarely reload.
    I don't regret the outlay and experience of homeloading but doubt that, with hindsight, I would have gone down the route I took 10 years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edinburgh Rifles View Post

    1kg powder 80 - good for 380-400 rounds
    400 primers 24
    400 sierra gameking 100

    Total = 51p a round

    100 x Brass cases (PPU) 40
    used dies, press and case conditioning 120

    first 100 rounds - 91p a round
    Next rounds - 51p a round

    how much do you shoot?

    1) reloaders always shoot more than they used to
    2) they are very good at convincing themselves of the cost benefits
    3) they always get sucked in to buying more toys, better brass, micrometer dies, latest auto measure scales

    don't do it for the cost saving, you can save money but moreover you will better understand rifles and how they work
    its fun too!

    shooting your first deer with your own ammo is just like catching your first fish on a fly you tied yourself
    not to be underestimated
    Totally disagree with you on that point EG, (but only on that point).

    I've been reloading for nearly 40 years and never been tempted to buy expensive elaborate equipment.
    I simply couldn't have afforded to shoot as much as I have over the years without reloading, and I shot a lot of rounds a year at one time.

    Also I couldn't afford to buy factory ammo for my 9.3x74r or 8x57irs (that is if it were readily available) if I didn't reload.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    You don't NEED to buy shiny trinkety tools. A Lee Classic Loader will make great ammo and fit into a shoebox. It's when people are convinced that they can buy their way into smaller groups that they go equipment crazy.~Muir
    "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much
    liberty than those attending too small a degree of it." -- Thomas Jefferson

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