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Thread: Red stags....enough gun ?

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    Red stags....enough gun ?

    What would you consider the minimum calibre for a Red Stag during the rut ?

    Cheers Lads


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    A .243 and a 100 grain bullet. More importantly, a competant shot behind the gun.

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    Same old story in my eyes will be dependent on how confident you are of putting the bullet in the correct place... Im off up to Scotland for some woodland reds I hope end of this week will be taking my .243 AI with 100 grains before that comes up and also my new .300 win mag with 180 grains soft nose partitions... I will probably favour the .300 firstly because i have the choice and secondly it would probably do the job quicker which is what is the first and foremost point... But if I only had the .243 AI i would still be going...

    If you have a 30 - 06 then you should have plenty with you...


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    Probably a .243 if you want to stay the right side of the Deer Act.

    It's all my former stalking partner used for any deer at any time, he didn't have any problems and we have some of the country's biggest reds down this way. I've always used a .308 and ditto no problem.

    I suspect you'll get as many answers as there are deer legal calibres but it really comes down to bullet selection and shot placement in the end.

    BTW: didn't they have a limit of .22CF for all deer in Eire at one time?

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    A .243 will certainly do the job but, as mentioned, any size hole needs to be in the right place. If you're (luckily) still at the front end of your stalking life with a whole raft of experiences still to come on which you'll be ultimately able to draw in difficult circumstances, then perhaps something that allows for a larger error of margin would be appropriate and I think that there would be few that would argue that a .308 wouldn't offer that.

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    As you say the right place ! What if though ? You were to unintentionally to clip the shoulder on the way through with a shot down hill, enough then ???

    They still have handguns there so they can't be that nuts......can they ???

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    I have two centrefire rifles a 6.5x55 and a 7x64. Both will kill any deer in the land with a correctly placed round. But if you gave me a shot at the stag of a lifetime, and it could just happen, I would prefer to use the 7x64. I can load it up to very close to 7mm Rem Mag speeds if I so wish. I am, at heart, a follower of Robert Ruark's sage advice, "Use enough gun"!

    And this feeling of mine is held in spite of the knowledge that many highland estates use the .243 as an estate rifle, so is it nonsense? I don't think so, a larger comparable round gives a larger wound channel.

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    Flytie makes another good point. I have successfully shot stags with a .243, but wouldn't do so again. Use a rifle that packs more punch and remember, if the situation isn't right for you, don't shoot.

    Rgds JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    A .243 and a 100 grain bullet. More importantly, a competant shot behind the gun.
    I agree.
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    All deer, react badly to correctly placed, deer legal bullets

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