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Thread: Norfolk Fallow Buck

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    Norfolk Fallow Buck

    Norfolk Fallow Buck,

    Well I am happy to be back again with some more photos...

    Since my last lot back in August, I have been more concerned with the rifle being in a clients hands rather than my own... as well as trying to get myself back into shape and on the rugby pitch, which all in all has been rather enjoyable...

    However on one of my recent trips up to Norfolk visiting various Estates and Parks etc, I was being shown around one of the Estates and it was mentioned that there was an old park escapee about that had been seen quite a bit recently, "the manager of the park then suggested that he was now past his best and that he had done his work in previous years but would still make a fantastic trophy and would be looking to have a client for him over the next few weeks" ... Well this would be my lucky day, 8 o clock on a sunny morning in Norfolk as we made our way round the estate, In the area where he was not expected to be I noticed a fallow buck with a fantastic head grazing along a hedgerow some 600m away from the road, he was on his own, and it was soon confirmed that it was him, we then carried on up the road, after some negotiation and fears that he was now along the boundary of the neighbouring estate one that was know well for shooting big trophies, it was agreed that I could take him, we stalked in from a couple of fields away up to the corner of his field... Now although once a Park animal i was informed not to treat him in any other way other than wild...

    As we snuck through the hedgerow on our chests, we spotted him now laid up against the woodland edge... We moved down along the hedgerow slowly he occasionally seemed as though he had clocked us but laying extremely still he carried on chewing away after a few pauses... Then as we approached 200 m he clicked on to us and stood up moving along the hedge, one sharp load whistle from the manager and he stopped momentarily broadside and crack the .243 was off with the tell tale thump and scramble from the front legs... He ran some 100m up the woodland edge and dropped...

    Now maybe not the most magnificent stalk of my life in terms of difficulty but still the privilege and feeling that came with shooting such a magnificent beast was truly memorable now I'm not an out and out trophy hunter as I have done more than my fair share of management stalking however when I see as many fine trophies in articles, magazines and even taken in the wild then I must admit I did want one at home on the wall...

    He is currently being shoulder mounted by Paul Taylor in Dorset and is off to be CIC & SCI measured in the next week or so...

    I will post some more pictures when he comes back from Paul...


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    Well done!

    Great write up! Felt I was there with you!

    Sounds like a great trophy for a great chap!

    Looking forward to the photos.

    All the best


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    Now that is a nice Fallow Buck.. Congratulations.

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    An amazing buck and good read and I also bet he'll make a cracking mount.


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    I've not seen a bay tine split like that before, that's a very nice trophy.

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    Very nice Alex . Now what do you expect medalwise??

    ATB Steve

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    Nice buck Alex I'm very jealous.

    I'm down stalking with friends in the New forest the weekend so calling in at Pauls for a coffee on the way back, I hope to have a look at it if its on the prep wall.

    Atb Wayne

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    very nice

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    Thanks guys for all your kind comments, greatly appreciated... I do realise I am one very lucky chap...

    Steve, for me yes a Gold Medal would be fantastic but you can always pay to shoot a Gold Medal Fallow Buck or bump into one even though they are rare in the UK, but to shoot one with so much character and abnormal features is something that you cannot control and simply pay for and for that reason it will remain an extremely special head whatever it scores... However should know over the next week or so will let you know...

    Wayne, yes it should be there somewhere so expect you would be able to see it...



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    What a beast!!! What did he weigh in at?



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