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Thread: REVISED AD Caesar Guerini Essex Ltd 20 Bore

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    REVISED AD Caesar Guerini Essex Ltd 20 Bore

    Caesar Guerini Essex Limited 20 Bore

    Game gun with solid rib, Prince of Wales grip in well figured, hand-picked wood.

    MultiChoke (5 chokes) 29.5 barrels with 14 '' stock . Fired only 5 shots on pattern plate, in the same condition as when it came out of the box as new.

    Wanted 2150 for it

    Revised Price: 1950

    Please PM me if you're interested,

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    James, that is a beautiful gun. I regret selling my EELL 20 bore nearly everytime I am a walking gun. I bought a 12 bore as I am now doing more wildfowling. Best of luck!

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    Thanks FT. Yeah I like to use a 20 myself, they just handle so well as a lighter gun than the 12 as you say. The EELL is a very nice gun!

    Cheers, James

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    Wow pointer, well done for finding that Ad!! I must admit i forgot i even had it. It's a free ad on a fairly new website that i saw in the back of one of the shooting books so we thought we'd give it a go.

    ATB, J

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    Is there no one interested in a bargain Shotgun?!!

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    1850 or i'm taking it to the RFD and he can have it
    ATB, James

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    Is that at threat Is there not a shot gun site were it might sell.

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    Could there be elements of your approach to the market that you could revisit?

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