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Thread: Suspect Mesenteric Lymph Nodes in Roe Deer

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    Hi 300WSM,
    Have studied your picture. Now for questions. Was this the only enlarged lymph node and was it a different colour to the others ? If you cut into it what was the colour ? Did you check all the other lymph nodes retropharyngeal, submandibulars ? Normally people would jump to the conclusion TB but the colour looks normal to me. Could you post any other pictures against a green background (not shiny)

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    Fantastic photo, better than the black and white drawing/picture in my manual. Can you try to explain which node you are talking about. In relation to the knife point. Many thanks.

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    Your getting good at this 300WSM. It's very encouraging to see so many members putting their efforts into making this the best stalking website in the UK.

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    Cracking thread this one, proper photographs, suspect and normal conditions highlighted. This is the sort of things that make a good stalking site, different from just a stalking site.

    More of the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm
    my wife plays rugby with one of the Animal Health Officers at the local Defra office
    Is this what is known as leading with your chin


    PS keep us posted.

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    Thankyou, I can safely say that to me this has been the most practical piece of advice I have had....A real picture.

    Again thankyou.

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