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Thread: Blaser Rifle breech fault

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    Blaser Rifle breech fault

    Hi Guys

    Anyone got any experience or info on a fault with breech action on the Blaser rifle.

    close to placing an order for one , now undecided after today's news from a fellow stalker

    any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Here is an old thread on this, I am sure it will not be relevant to todays Blasers though.

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    Any rifle can suffer failiure.

    There have been some documented problems (old) with Blaser as has there been issues with AI (338 barrel blow up), Sako (barrel bursts) etc etc.

    I wouldnt let that put you off ordering one - I shoot one myself (amongst other things) and am entirely happly with it - I shoot homeloads and factory in it when required.

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    OLD INFO MATE - stupid bloke messing with pistol powder in his rifle, still held out for 32 rounds apparently. unless theree is some newer fault reported?

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    cheers Guys
    Greatly appreciated

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