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Thread: Goose Flights...........Solway area.

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    Goose Flights...........Solway area.

    Hi everyone........

    I am looking to arrange two days goose shooting in and around the Solway for three guns.
    Can anyone on the forum recommend a good guide at reasonable cost?



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    Davy Campbell at cheers Rich

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    Cheers Rich......................any more recommendations anyone?

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    Well there's our own (on here) Mark, MJ Robson

    Mal Kempson


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    I arranged a week on the solway a few years ago. The company was called wild tides and the guide was called Gavin.
    I would deffinately advice you to avoid using them as we had an absolutely awful week and one of our team packed up and came home 3 days early after falling out with Gavin.


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    I really wouldn't bother. I shoot the solway every year and it just gets worse every year:

    -Favourable areas over populated - nowerdays it seems the Scots are in the minority. There's alot of anti English/others now from the more vocal numpties.
    -Too many supposed guides who haven't a clue and are generally adding to their monthly benefits cheque
    -Irate farmers and residents who have had enough of people blocking their access, parking cars all over their property and leaving their ***** everywhere
    -Idiots hammering away at geese way out of range and thereby educating them to stay up - 100yds shots are common
    -Stupid arguments resulting in cars being vandalised, slanging matches and the occassional punch-ups

    I enjoy the fowling on the Forth and further north much more these days. The solway just isn't worth it.

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    Ezzy.....always good to know..........I shall avoid.

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    Hi Euan
    Five of us went up just before Christmas last year we stayed at the Nith hotel just outside Dumfriess they have their own guide, Gordon, three nights b+b and evening meal 2x morning goose flight 2 x evening duck flight, 1 x evening goose flight and 2 days walked up with the odd mini drive. The bag was 27 geese,22 pheasant 5 mallard 6 teal 5 woodcock 6 snipe 2 hares which the hotel chef wanted and a massive dog fox.You have to be staying at the hotel it cost us about 400 each but we had a superb trip and we have booked again this year and i would reccommend it

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    Cheers Geordie,
    That sounds like what we are after. We have never shot geese before and would like to give it a bash............sounds good.
    I shall give them a bell.



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