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Thread: Schmidt Service Dept

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    Schmidt Service Dept

    Anybody had dealing with S&B service dept in Germany , I have sent them 2 emails regarding a warranty repair needed on my scope and maybe an upgrade of the ret and after 2 weeks no response .

    Is this normal or would I be better going via a UK S&B dealer ?

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    Hi Poole

    I'm not sure what the route should be but I had a scope serviced about two years ago and went to S&B direct. They were really very helpful and timely in their responses - and indeed in the service of my scope. I went initially through their general info team and the person I dealt with there was Sabine Brandt.


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    Thanks Fabnosh , I have gone the same route email to info maybe they are a little slower these days !

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    Somewhere on here is an account of my dealings with them direct when a reticule broke on my Zenith ten days before a Driven Boar trip.
    The Sportsman said six to eight weeks, I contacted them direct and paid a 30 UPS delivery charge and the 'scope was turned round in five working days and they kept me informed of it's progress at all times.
    Christian Krug
    E-mail Address(es):
    Sabine Brandt
    E-mail Address(es):
    Christian is one of the Directors, I believe, he accepted the job and passed it to Sabine but both contacted me as to it's progress.

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    I have just received a reply from Sabine Brandt although the cost of changing a Mildot to an illumiated Milldot is a staggering 700euros so I think just the warranty work will be called for .
    Then up for sale or trade in !

    Thanks for your reply EMcC

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    You're welcome. I could have had the work done free of any costs by sending it through the Sportsman but by sending it direct myself, I of course, incurred the carriage charge to them in Germany.

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    I've had a few communications with Sabine, sounds like a nice lady! I was trying to get information on how to go about getting a BDC installed on my 6x42. I was told to contact a UK S&B intermediary, which I did on a few occasions (will not mention names...YORK GUNS!), but have not heard back since. I guess they're not interested in helping out with S&B servicing, and only interested in new sales. Maybe I'll just post the scope to Germany, but I have no clue how to go about paying them for the services..maybe send some german bearer bonds?

    ...perhaps I should just get that S&B PMII 4-12x50 with mildot in SFP after all..

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