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Thread: Two old Gits

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    Two old Gits

    Well out this morning on an armed recon looking for and counting does.
    Mal met me at my house at 06.05 and after a cuppa we headed off.
    On the way there we chatted and decided on a breif.
    Any buck was to be taken as I have an order to fill and would not be back on this ground for bucks.
    Obviously foxes were also to be shot on sight.
    Just before we arrived in the gloom of my lights a jogger apeared wearing a high viz.......Wan**r Mal said and I chuckled
    Well we got there at crack of daylight and had a quick ride round NOTHING was moving, not even any hares????
    So I dropped mal off in the "hot spot" and went further onto the estate for a ride around (4000 acre).
    I had agreed to pick him up at 8.30.
    Well after a ride and a walk it was time to pick him up.
    All I had seen was 4 deer over my boundry about 500m's looked like a family unit.
    Getting back for mal at 8.35 there was no sign I peered down the banking and no luck.
    I rang him, I've just gralloched 1 he said a big Ba5tard, just got him in the roe sack don't know how long i will be comming up that ****ing bank.
    So i waited and waited, eventually there was movement the old git was in view, I set the camera up and started filming.

    Well he made it with a little help and after catching his breath and a fag we got some photos of the old warriors together.
    Both managed a smile. he was very attractive to the ladies as he was surrounded by 6 females (the buck not MAL)

    Larder weight was 42lb, so he was a big lad.
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    Robbo , you rotten bugger , that poor old man , he must be well into his seventies & your watching him carry that buck for ages . Shame on you !!!

    I did wonder what had happpened to Jim Bowen after Bullseye had finished , I didn't realise he was helping you out !!!!

    Sorry Mal , couldn't resist , I think you need to change your brand of ciggies , the ones your on aren't doing you any favours !!!



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    Nice to read some humour John, It certainly made me smile.


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    Just to let any youngsters reading this and laughing ,to remember that you are an old git in the making !
    ............................ YOU WILL BE AN OLD GIT YOURSELF ! ...............................

    I have already ordered my T shirt with " I told you so "on it .

    (I feel like that more and more these days!!) lololol

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    100 fags an hour could be responsible, I believe cigs affect your eyesight as well, Black and White Roe Buck, Roe wearing a fetching blue feeder bin, did Mal tell you he gives clients piggybacks to keep him fit for carrying those heavy Roe Deer!

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    What a cracking buck!!! Have you weighed the trophy yet?


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    Remember only the "Lucky Ones Get Old". Wear your Age like a badge of Honour.

    Dalkur (hoping to be a Realy Old Codger one Day)

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    no he wasn't bothered with the head, its still in the chiller.
    nothing wrong with his eyes its just all the smoke. LOL

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