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Thread: Construction work on syndicate ground

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    Construction work on syndicate ground

    Dear All,

    I wonder if anyone has any experience of the impact of construction work on deer in the surronding area.

    To give some back ground, I am a member of a syndicate just north of the border. The land is privately owned forestry and covers about 1000 acres. There is currently a single point of access and a rough track that leads to roughly the middle of the ground. The ground holds resident Roe and Reds which come off the surrounding moors onto the land.

    Construction work has started on a network of tracks through the land. When finished these will be really helpful as they will make retrieval easier. As I understand it (and I apologise for the lack of detail) the construction will involve digging with a JCB and then back filling with stone. I guess the stone will have to come in on lorries. My understanding is that the works will be fairly low key with a single machine working in one area at a time and progressing through the land from one end to the other.

    The ground is large enough for there to be quite a bit of distance (maybe half a mile or so) between the works and other areas that hold deer. My question is - are the construction works likely to scare off any deer in the area and if so, how quickly might they return. I am wondering whether there is much point in going up there while the works are on going.

    I'd be very grateful for your thoughts on this.



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    I have seen roe watching a jcb from a few yards away.
    as long as you stalk the other parts from where thay are working etc ....

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    I have seen Fallow in woods next to a clear fell area which was still being worked on. They even took no notice of the large saw that was being used to make fence posts etc at the bottom of the wood.

    The forestry commission has recently been through the woods repairing old roads and creating a new access point and again the deer have not left the area.


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    As with others I've seen sika, which are usually not seen at all, stand in a group and watch the big forestry machinery cutting trees down and stripping the branches off. For some reason they seemed to quite enjoy the whole event! So, while there might be some very minor local disturbance I think you can only view it as a positive thing. One thing that does come to mind though is that the tracks are being created for a reason and my guess is that major logging works are about to start. Again this may not be a bad thing at all and it will probably provide areas of clear fell which will attract deer, though be nearly impossible to extract from, plus areas of replanting.

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    In my expearience reds will just piss off and the roe will stay unless they are blasting the stone out this happend to us and by the way they get most of there stone on site. Roe deer dont like blasting of any kind

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    I will have three and a half years of disruption in my forest due to the Beauly to Denny giant pylon line. This will involve both blasting and major road construction. During the preliminary works the Reds all moved off and the Sika became totally nocturnal. The worst aspect of the work is the requirement for no shooting to take place during construction within 1000m of any of the designated areas . This is a health and safety risk assessment done on behalf of the construction company and put with the planning application so is set in stone. I will only be able to shoot in the gaps between their visits whenever they will be . Best of luck with your venture. David

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    Dear All,

    Thank you all for your help with this.

    I think I will go up there and see if there are any deer about. If there aren't any I'll perhaps give it a miss until the works are finished.



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    Long term construction work is good. The deer will get used to regular movement and adapt around it. I was up in Glen Lyon last October where they were putting in micro-hydro. The red deer just stood and looked at the construction movement.

    As soon as a "non construction" vehicle moved they knew a difference and were more focused on it.

    They will be more tolerant of access noise. Also seen hill roe ignore adjacent farmland activity and concentrate on the empty hill.


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    I used to do work on an estate in North Devon, constructing tracks through woodland and forestry for the extraction of timber and for the use of the game shoot. I drive a tracked excavator and would often park up for my lunch/dinner breaks and sit quietly in the cab. On more than one occasion I've had deer walk within a few yards of the digger, totally unconcerned. One memorable occurence was when two bucks were disputing the territory and I was treated to 20/30minutes of sparing and eventually fighting within 20 yards of my machine. The smaller buck sustained quite nasty injuries to his flanks and back leg, but was reluctant to concede to the more mature buck. He was eventually chased off and the mature buck came back to mark his trees at which point I carried on work and the buck moved off, unconcerned by my activities.
    So by all means go stalking but do be consider the poor old digger driver, he may be having a quiet snooze at dinner time just as you squeeze the trigger
    Cheers, Pete.

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    I shot a red stag that was grazing on some grass within 20 feet of piles of timber stacked up from logging the previous days, it was the loggers day off and, unfortunately for the stag, he decided to take advantage. I don't know who was more surprised - him or me as I certainly didn't think there'd be a chance of any deer so near to the disturbance, just goes to show!
    Take clearfell, for instance, when I first started stalking and the stalker put me in a box overlooking something that would look more in place in the Somme, I thought 'there's no chance of anything being out there'. How wrong I was!

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