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Thread: Do Red /Sika Hybrids Roar or Whistle?

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    Do Red /Sika Hybrids Roar or Whistle?

    I must admit up untill this year I had only seen one hybrid on my land. That was a dead Stag that someone had shot from the road which I found lying behind the deer fence all bloated and stinking. This year one has appeared and is certainly a real mixture to look at. From the rear he looks like a Red but from the front he is a definite Hybrid. He has the "frown" of the Sika and the typical 8 point form but with massivly long and thick trey tines. When Lee6.5 was up he saw him head to head with a Red which he was pushing up a slight hill. The face is longer than a Sika but the body has that prop-forward tendancy.
    When I took Lee6.5 out to the area he is in we both heard the usual long drawn out whistling squeal of a mature Sika but was it him? Maybe some of you lads in Ireland where hybrids seem more commen can tell me if you have seen them make a noise and what it is.
    I have often seen Sika in the act of calling and even now am amazed at the sound that emerges.

    Thanks David

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    I think it depends which testicle you crush
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I think it depends which testicle you crush
    Yes that reply to a serious question deserves a kick in the nuts!!!

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    you have already answered your own question. The dead one you found was HUMMING

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    Hi David. Coming from mid argyll where we have plenty of red and sika I've seen a fair few hybrids. I never heard a difference in roaring or whistling but having spoken to a few stalkers from down kintyre who say the hybrids sound like a mix of the two, quite like the noise a donkey makes.

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    roar ,but not a pure red roar .all the hybrids in wicklow have been around from lord powerscourt time and have a lot of sika in them ,more recent hybrids will sound more red like i would think.. i have also seen sika like animals start with a whistle and go into a roar at the end .

    at the end of the day it bepends if the client is looking for a sika or hybrid

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    Thanks Irishgun. Thats interesting. Maybe its because the hybrids here then go on to mate with Reds rather than Sika as the Reds are in far larger numbers I have always thought the Red gene to give the most dominant phenotype (what it looks like ) . The next generation of a hybrid back to a Red would appear to be just a Red. As I think the Sika call to be an amazing sound which does alter subtly as the rut progresses and with the maturity of the animal I await with interest to actually see a hybrid call. David

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SDC10255.JPG 
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ID:	2891 one from the hills of wicklow ... i cried when i seen the size of him ...

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    That is truly some deer Irishgun. Some pure Sika in Newzealand attain near to that size but mine with their Formosan genes can never get this big. David

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