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Thread: Injured Sika Stag

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    Good post mate. They do take a battering don't they.

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    300 WSM
    Brilliant picture of a septic arthritis. Plus all the other info, RTA for my money

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    A really excellent post 300wsm. The kind of post I can really learn from thanks. Good shot by the way. What were you using.


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    great post

    thanks for this great post. i thought they were pictures of my ankle

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    Another good one 300wsm, still keeping us a good site. There are creatures that get hunted tougher than a Sika stag, but I don't think they live in this Country.


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    That was a good read, I was down that neck of the woods a while back and in the bar the bar maid asked me what I was down there for? I thoght there is no point in lies so I told her I was stalking Sika and her reaction was; GOOD, shoot them all!! she then went on to tell me she had two cars writen of that year caused by Deer RTAs!!


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