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Thread: Not sure what to do next

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    Not sure what to do next

    About six years ago I bought a small farm as a family home and started the business of learning about farming by inviting someone to graze their sheep on my ground. The grass was poor and full of thatch and needed a fair amount of work to improve it. After a while the chap left and I figured that it was time to have a go on my own. I have a full time job but reckoned that if the stocking levels were kept low, we could have enough sheep and cows to graze the grass but not so many that the workload would be too much.

    A couple of years on and a HUGE learning curve having been climbed, it was clear that I was failing. I just do not have the time or skills to do the job properly so it was necessary to find a way of keeping the grass down without too much work. Having looked into a number of options I eventually decided to fence a paddock or two for deer. This done, a few old hinds and a reasonable stag were purchased and left to get on with life without too much disturbance. I was delighted with the experience. They are fun and interesting to spend time with, they graze the grass well and they require very little veterinary input. The experience was so good that another paddock was fenced and a few more red deer purchased. Having had them on the place for 3 years now I have to say the experience has been utterly brilliant.

    This enterprise was not entered into to make money; it is merely a way of keeping the ground in good order in a way that I enjoy. It was intended to be a park and not a farm. I was just about to double the ground that the deer had available when I was visited by people who clearly feel deer should be totally free. Both my paddocks have been ruined and the deer are finding new homes amongst the neighbouring farms and woodland.

    It’s been a very chastening experience. I fed them every day for a month and a half in the winter and lost non to the conditions. I have had to hand feed a poorly hind in a barn for two months before she became strong enough to go back out on to the grass. These animals are now free amongst recently planted woodland and farmland and will be subject to a D day like assault by local shooters and dogmen. And really good news, the hunt is very active here.

    In their haste to free these deer, they have actually condemned them. I am sure it’s not what they intended.

    Not sure what to do next.

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    did you feed them from a bucket?

    if so rattle it, they may return.

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    Very sorry to hear that your deer were given the chance to freedom most probably by the self same people who like to have a shot at deer with whatever means, I manage a small herd of reds for a local farmer and the same thing happened a few years back and we lost most of the herd, but with a few repairs and a strategically placed "deer leap" we have most of them back in the inclosure plus a few other wild ones to give new genes to the mix, worked for us worth a try for sure and works 24/7 best of luck hopefully you will get em back!!!!!

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    Howa, I am gutted for you. I'm afraid working with animals will always have its highs and lows but for some scumbag to do this to you is awful. I hope that you informed the Police re criminal damage? If it was animal rights activists that let them out then that is one thing but if it was your fellow hunting/shooting people then they should be ashamed of themselves. I'm afraid that I am becoming more disalousioned with the shooting world on a daily basis, I hope I am wrong but I wouldn't be suprised if some local wannabe stalker had some involvement. JC

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    I am lead to believe that the way they went about it is more animal liberation than other options.

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    Damn I am sorry to hear this......I just don't really know what to say.

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    Gutted for you mate, I would try the leap and bucket though. My blood is boiling, why can't some people just get on with their own lives !!!

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    Im gobsmacked that there are still idiots out there in this day and age that would do such a thing....Im afraid I have no advice to offer just my best wishes.

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    The chap up near me has a brake out on a regular basis and except onece when the big stag killed his next doors two dogs(boxer and a german sheperd) he has always got most of the back. Most time they get out it is the big stag who just lifts the fence up with his antlers and hes off. So dont dispair just yet and a few well placed handy cams will catch them next time.

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    If there is an apple processing plant nearby try obtaining the apple mush thats left over and pack it into 50 to 200 litre blue barrels and lid tightly to start fermentation and when it is ripe use it as deer bait. They come in from great distances to this mixture.
    My vet pal here in Germany uses this trick often.
    All the best.

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