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Thread: landy or similar tyres 16"

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    landy or similar tyres 16"

    I bought these for a defender on rims, but never used the thing off road, as it clunked,cliked, banged & generally rattled my brains out, so she had to go. The tyres did approx 80-100 miles.
    Goodyear wrangler 245/85x16 (750x16) cost me 600 on rims. Your for 350 collected.I can meet with in a reasonable distance. regards

    I have also x2 pirelli scorpian 205/80x16 100 on disco rims
    x2 geolander 205/80x16 4x4 A/T tyres 100 on disco rims

    all with as new tread !!

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    are these the MTs or the ATs. I'd be interested if they are the MTs



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    sorry bud, A/T

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