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Thread: Sea trout fishing for H4H

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    Sea trout fishing for H4H

    Hi All,
    I have decided that for the 2011 season i will donate all proceeds i make from my sea trout fishing clients to Help for Heroes, see for the details.
    I have been in touch with H4H and they are in agreement for me to raise donations this way.
    I appreciate its a long shot posting on a shooting forum but you never know it might just bring some valued cash.

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    Nice one Richard,

    Thats bloody good of you and for a great cause im very attatched to..

    Its not long back a good few of the SD lads had a great meet up and day out fishing out of Lyme Regis

    There was talk of doing a trip out of Poole but would be good to get us all out with yourself next year..

    Some of them are still a bit grumpy cause i had the biggest fish but im sure their coming to terms with it by know..

    Well done mate


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Fantastic thing to do.
    Would love to have a go and have PM'd you.


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    Thanks for the support.
    Bakerlads, i didn't get your pm for some reason.
    I have started to get some interest so if things work out the charity should benefit by a few hundred pounds.
    Cheers and thanks

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    Hi All,
    Apologies over some confusion that has arisen over my offer.
    To clarify, this is only open to sea trout fishing, this is done during the hours of darkness so only experienced fly fishermen will be able to attend.
    Unfortunately i can't extend it to other fly fishing activities i carry out during my day-to-day business activities or i wouldn't be able to make a living.
    Best regards

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