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Thread: cctv 12v 8 camera systems

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    cctv 12v 8 camera systems

    I have for sale three 12v, 8 camera, cctv systems. 1 sound channel.

    These are Vetatech systems all preinstalled with hard drives and operating system.

    I will provide 4 cameras with each system (others are easily available via fleabay)
    the cameras are not waterproof but Ive found placing them in a small piece of drain tubing very effective.
    I have some 20m lengths of cable for the cameras which can easily be extended and will be included for 4 cameras.
    the cameras need a 9-12v supply (can be run from separate battery)
    240v power supply for each DVR provided

    These are idea for surveillance

    system 1 has a 25gb hard drive, 250
    system 2 has a 35gb hard drive 260
    system 3 has a 72gb hard drive 300

    Any away


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    Hi Tony, are these new or 2nd user??? what model are they as on the Vetatech limited company website there are several different designs
    and also once you have captured your images or footage how do you actually see it.
    and also what size is the camera housing and which type of lens is installed are they for use in low light or do they have IR etc...


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    Hello John,

    These are all second hand systems (job lot from auction). Ive bought new cameras. The system is basically a self contained computer with 8 video and 1 audio channel inputs.
    The software that runs the systems is quite sophisticated with frame capture rate and motion detection activation being fully set from the software.
    I have been using vlc media player to view the footage by simply attaching the device via one of the USB ports to my laptop.
    A tv or lcd screen can be plugged in to the rgb connector. These can even be set up for remote viewing via the internet (beyond me!)
    Any camera can be attached, i'm supply three of these:
    Attachment 2884

    And 1 of these:

    Attachment 2885

    Ive included a 50p in the pics to give some indication of scale.

    The single unit has about 30ir leds on and is apparently good for about 100ft(30m in foreign), the first one has 6 ir leds and is good for about 30ft(10m)

    You can get a small screen to view the images/video too from fleabay

    Hope this helps

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    Below is a link to my website.
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