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    New Hampshire member

    Hi im Dave i am a director of Jelen Deer Services, Mike Allisons right hand man and unfortunately his father in law .
    I am interested in all things to do with deer and looking forward to catching up with the guys who have stalked with us in the past and all who will be stalking with us in the future.
    Best regards Dave Watson.

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    Hi Dave, welcome to The Stalking Directory. I have stalked with Jelen (and had a thoroughly good time) so may have met you before!
    All the best,

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    Hi Dave Welcome to the site.How have you been since I was out with you in the roe rutt? still dreaming about the fantastic I shot] see you again soon Best regards Pete

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    Hi Dave,
    I bought the CD for the DSC1 from you this August. Still trying to make it work on my windows 7 ultimate with the 2003 office package installed. Oh well.
    Welcome to the site, I may well go for the DSC1 with your outfit in the near future depending on work pressures here in the fatherland as my NSCC cert is no longer acceptable in the homeland.

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    Sorry to hear about your C.D. Bavarianbrit , i have sent you a P.M., hopefully we will have you sorted in no time,
    Best wishes , Dave.

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    hello an welcome Dave

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