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Thread: 410 shot pistol

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    410 shot pistol

    Hi All
    Anyone got a 410 shot pistol to sell preferably double barrel

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    Try Arundel Militaria, they have a website.There are two in their "Live Firearms" section.

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    Are pistols still legal in the UK to the public except for stalkers RTAs and vets?
    Thats why I left the UK in 2002 as they "Labour" had killed my target shooting sport.

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    i have not long got my section 5 for fox control dispatch work in cage traps mind you it is a 22 rimi .noel

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    Try Holts Auctioneers - I saw some 410 pistols in the sealed bid auction on 8th October. They have on line catalogue

    Hope this helps


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    I have a 410 double barrel shot pistol If you still want one send me a pm and I will tel you where to get one they are not cheap.

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    I have one, its section 1 and my cert is condition for vermin in and around buildings. I originally bought it as a short barrelled shotgun and in 97 connfessed. They put a condition stating I couldnt use it, then changed it to something akin to an RSPCA inspector and now have lifted all restrictions apart from in and around buildings. I perservered. Not sure what they cost now, mine was cheap as chips in 95.

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    I had one of these
    As good as a .410 pistol can be but sold it as a .22lr was a much more useful tool.

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    Hi Geordie, there's a single barrel on guntrader at Wiltshire Ranges in Devizes.

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    Hi Rupert
    Thanks for that i had seen it but i am looking for a short barrelled one 10 to 14 inch max really

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