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Thread: .243 Lapua once fired brass

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    .243 Lapua once fired brass

    ALL SOLD NOW - I may have a few left but need to count up. PM me if interested

    As said, .243 Lapua brass for sale, once fired, deprimed, resized and trimmed to SAAMI spec. All cleaned too.

    Lapua brass is annealed and is of the highest quality. All brass is batched by weight to give you the best accuracy.

    35 per 100 ONO.. PLUS P&P at cost.. (depends on how much you buy! )
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    Got any more lapua brass for sale?

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    Pm me in Jan, should have a few then although theres already a few people with dibs.. I will know how many in mid to late Jan. Im not counting them out before then as theres not enough!

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