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Thread: New to the forum.....................

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    New to the forum.....................

    Hi,I have been trying very hard for quite a while to get on here,and,I will have a good read before I start posting properly.I have two dogs...a Working Whippet and a Jack Russel,I have shot all of my life(so far anyway)and,have always been a true country boy ferreting bushing lamping,and,just about anything that keeps me out in the fields.I am fairly new to the stalking game though,and,am definitely still learning,so,get ready for some odd questions.....I'll apologise in advance.I live on the Wilts/Somerset border,and,am a member of a stalking syndicate in 'The New Forest' shooting mainly Fallow,but,there are plenty of Roe and Muntjac,and,even a small herd of Reds seen about in the last few months.I'mm off to have a good mooch through your forum now so I will speak again soon.................Martin.

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    Welcome aboard Martin. I am relatively new here myself but it really is a top class forum with a great bunch of lads and lasses.

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    Hi Martin, and welcome aboard.
    Where do you stalk in the New forest? I used to go out on the Hamptworth estate prior to finding something closer to home (South Bucks). Great hunting country, and you are right, you can see just about all the species somewhere in the New forest. Hope to see a post from you soon.
    P.S. Hi Guest? Why not log in and be a part of it?

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    Hi Martin,

    welcome to the forum.

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    Hello mate,
    welcome aboard. Please ask what ever questins you need. there are 10000's of years of stalking experience here.


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    Hi Martin,
    I recognise your login name from somewhere. Unfortunately a lot of people have been excluded from the site due to a technical error. Hopefully we are now able to get more members on the site but still keep the trolls away.
    Welcome to the Stalking Directory, as we like to tell everyone who joins 'No question is a stupid question' ask as many questions as you like. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Regards Steve.F

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    I've been on here about 6 months now, met some very nice fellow Stalkers/shooters.

    I'm also down in Wilts and also am part of a syndicate which borders the New Forrest. 99% Sika and Fallow, no Munties.

    Do you want to do the March and Shoot? More than welcome.


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    Welcome mate, please feel free to ask what you like, no one on here will be anything but helpful.


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    Welcome Martin, sorry to hear you have had some difficulties logging on, thats technology for you

    Anyway hope you enjoy the site, and please feel free to ask whatever you want, we are a friendly bunch, and over the coming year I think you will notice some vast improvements to the site. Some are already underway. Good luck with your hunting, and we all look forward to reading your posts.

    Cheers Sikamalc

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