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Thread: Help regarding Rash on a HWV bitch

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    One of my bitches gets this from time to time. The vet believes it's contact related something in the undergrowth that triggers it and quite possibly seasonal, it tends to be worse around Sept and Oct. He suggested washing down the prone areas with water after being out and applying a small amount of steroid cream (Isaderm) if it gets too bad. This regime seems to work fine and we keep it under control.

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    Likeliest options are:
    a) Puppy pyoderma - will go with first season, but will keep recurring until then. Hibiscrub washes with perhaps steroid cream for that fold
    b) atopy - ie an allergy of some kind, which may well go with the oncoming winter. Steroids, apoquel, atopica, cytopoint all good stuff.

    You can do a blood test to narrow down the likely allergy, but I'm inclined to go with option 1 - it will resolve with time, but you might need spot here and there.

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    Thanks for the help so far. Think I will invest in some hibiscrub and see what happens as she matures (not had her first season yet). It has calmed right down at the moment and she is back to normal.

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    The first thing that occurs to me with any skin problems is to take them for regular swims in sea water.

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    My spaniel gets this from time to time, in his ‘swimsuit area’ as my gf calls it. Diluted hibiscrub to clean up usually does the trick but if it scabs or blisters a topical steroid cream clears it up quickly. He sometimes gets it after swimming but usually it’s something plant related but it seems to happen when it’s wet.

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