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Thread: How to Value Reloading Gear

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    How to Value Reloading Gear

    I picked up a new rifle yesterday, and as part of the sale I have inherited some reloading gear that I don't know how to use and I don't think I will have the time to learn! Could you please advise me how much it might be worth, or how I can find out what it is worth, then I will get them onto the classifieds section.

    All in 6.5x55, I have 2-300 bullets (125 grn, 130 grn and 160grn) and brass (from what I have seen a mix of Lapua and Norma) and a die set.


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    Liam, have a look at the Midway UK site and their prices, they stock loads of bullets and all the reloading kit you can imagine. Then take a bit off for it being handled and second hand. Then PM me and tell me how much you want for it!!

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    to be honest what you have isnt all that valuable if i was going to sell it i would put the dies up for 15-20 dependant on condition and make and the bullets maybe 30-35 for the lot just to get rid of them but it's up to you

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