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Thread: Oiling the Bolt Lug(s)

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    Oiling the Bolt Lug(s)


    when you guys oil your bolt..lugs! do you use a light clear oil, or would you go as far as to use a thick oil such as the Bisley Gun Grease?

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    Lighlty oil with a small smear of thin oil, & THEN WIPE OFF WITH A CLOTH, too much oil in this area can migrate, giving pressure spikes.
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    I am not a fan of oil at all on the bolt lugs, oil floats on water. I would use moly grease and wipe it off with a cloth.

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    Grease is the only way to go!!! steer clear of oil in my opinion if you don't use it very lightly.

    Moly grease as mentioned is a good call.


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    No Bisley Gun Grease then? just asking cuz I have it in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    No Bisley Gun Grease then? just asking cuz I have it in stock.
    BGG is a moly grease, I think. I put a wee dab of it on the bearing surfaces of my bolt lugs.

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    A wipe down with an oily rag is enough.
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    Agreed. Wipe with an oily cloth and then wipe dry. Oil only needs to be microns thick... this is a barely tangible amount.~Muir

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    I use a product called “dry-lube”, it comes in a spray can and is Molybdenum disulfide based product, because it leaves no sticky film on the bolt it does not attract dirt etc. One down side is that it leaves a grey colour on your bolt lugs, no problem other than aesthetics.



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    A wipe with an oily rag is all i do too,i would be a bit concerned about using any kind of grease as it will build up in the recesses and attract dirt, alright if you clean the recesses more often i guess but why make work for yourself.

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