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    Minox BF

    To cut a long story short i ran over my minox BV binoculars the other day and now it seems that the right hand side does not want to focus.

    Apart from a slightly bent focus knob they stood up to the pickup very well but obviously arent much use with only one side working!

    I really like them and have seen a pair of Minox BF on the internet for a good price and was wondering if anyone knows, are these simply the BV but in Black?


    ps Does anyone also know if house insurance might cover this mishap, might mean i dont have to buy a new pair myself?

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    Dan, my dog chewed my brand new electronic ear defenders to bits when she was a pup and the household insurance paid up on that. It will put up your premiums though. I don't know about the difference of Minox binos, apart from that the Porro prism ones they used to make, with a better light transferance than their best roof prisms, are now out of production. Some old stock is being sold off for £199.00 ;

    There are some on ebay for less but they come from the states which might void the 30 year guarantee.


    Edit, i asked minox why they ceased production and they told me people would rather buy inferior roof prism bino's than "old fashioned" porro prisms! Go figure?
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    I have been told by 2 seperate binocular vendors that the BF refers to the black outer, and that the innards are the same as the BV. I hope this is helpful.

    I'm afraid I can't help with the insurance question.

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    same binos different colour.put minnox binos in ebay and you should be able to get some for about£140

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