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Thread: Intro as demanded

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    Intro as demanded

    Hi all. Working gunsmith for past 36 years. Keen shooter with all types of guns but fairly new to deerstalking. Have shot a red stag and a roe buck last year in Germany and got the bug. Will be stalking in Scotland later this month and looking forward (hopefully) to my first deer in the UK. Current rifle is a T3 in .30-06 topped with Zeiss glass. Great site that I stumbled across. Lots of good info and a friendly community. That's all for now and looking forward to more rifle use in the UK.


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    welcome to the possee whereabouts you live in wales

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    Hi Alec, and welcome aboard. Not sure demanded is the term I'd use, it's just nice to know who we are talking to. You are right in your estimation of the site. Some really nice decent people on here. It can get a bit heated at times, but we can't all agree all of the time. I'm sure you will have plenty to imput, with your experience of gunsmithing.
    Welcome again, might we see you at Monmouth for the fun shoot?



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    Welcome to the site mate where abouts in Wales are u

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    Thanks for the welcome

    Sorry for the slow response and thanks for the welcome. I am in North Wales right alongside the Shropshire/ Cheshire border. Will not be at the fun shoot in Monmouth as in the middle of a demanding project. Hope it is a success though. Alec

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    Hi Alec. Where in Germany did you shoot your red and roe?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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