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    Wayne Davis

    Now I have know Wayne for quite a few years and am fully aware of his reputation as a great bloke, good (ish) considerate,sensible hunter,(may be due to fact he`s got a very good dog)and yes he uses plastic rifles,but I sometimes let him off for this, though I think his under garment issues leave a bit to be desired
    But,,, I got a complaint and an issue with you Wayne, a while a go, you got me a super duper lamp, made a battery pack up in a nice carrying bag, though I was happy with my bits of string, and a nice shiny new battery,now here is the problem, the battery !.I grabbed it the other night as heard possum out in the garden, battery was flat, charged it up, tried it again next night, still flat !!!! so what was the warranty conditions/period Wayne? as I though it was a life long battery, didnt think I `d have to change it after near on 10 yrs? And is personal delivery/fitting included in warranty?

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    That is bad news I don't think its even out of warranty yet. Hope Wayne comes thro' for you

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    I think Wayne uses the same guarantee as I do, twelve months, or the first time you use it!

    Of course, if you offer him some shooting were he to come over, he might just be tempted

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