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Thread: Night Force

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    Night Force

    Looks like I will be getting myself a shiny new Nightforce 5.5 x 22 x56 NSX scope
    Can anyone tell me what height mounts will be suitable as I cant find the info on the NF site.
    Also what would be a good make to partner the scope with.

    Many thanks


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    i have a 56 mm front lens zeiss on my rpa and get away with high mounts. two things to remember though mate what rifle its going on ?

    as we all no that can afect what hight mounts you need. and also some makes are different to others.. ie i have some warne mounts here in high where are 0.525 from where it sits on the base to bottom of scope ring.

    yet the tps ones i have in high are 0.634 so they give me more clearance. what is your rifle and what bases have you got on it
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    Its going on a Tikka T3 lite 6.5 x 55 the ones at present are Optilock

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    Lows are perfect for a 56mm objective with optiloks

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    yep as above low optilocks were spot on with x56 on my old sako 75

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    I had the same scope on my Sauer 202 and i got away with LOW Leupold QD rings.

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    Wow, that's a big scope, put a sunshade on it and it will reach beyond the crown of the barrell

    let us know how you get on, I've always been interested whether I should be opting for S&B, Leupold, or NF for my target shooting..

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    Hi PKL ...I looked at S&B but I liked the NF recticle im getting better..Leapold..cant relly comment and also looked at Zeiss which I liked but were a few hundred pond out of my range. Remington700 has a NF thats the same and I was gob smacked when I saw the clarity and light gathering of his scope...which is the same as the one I want. Measures same as my Nikon Monarch scope so I know its ok on a Tikka

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    I had the NF 56mm and there are a couple of points you should take into consideration before buying... I had the finest reticule which was illuminated by reMoving a turret cap and adjusting the brightness by a tiny screw under the battery, then refitting battery to see if the brightness is what you want... Also if it fails (which they do) you have to return to US for attetion and this takes months. The NF are made in Asia and not in US as most think. I sold mine and replaced it with a Swarovski PVI-2 6-24X50 TDS4i and the quality of build and holding of zero is miles ahead of the NF.
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    Hi thanks for your advice but I can only just afford the NF scope the Swarovski 500 plus of what I will be paying. I know my mate has never had an issue with his ( hes had it around ten years I would think ?).. have to say the after service doesnt inspire me with that wait.
    But many thanks


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