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Thread: BDS North West Dogs for Deer Day

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    BDS North West Dogs for Deer Day

    Sunday October 10th
    Dogs For Deer Day.
    To be held at The YAN - Grizedale.
    A full day with ample opportunities to be shown how to work your dog and try it on real trails.

    Anyone going?

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    Hi Scott,
    Just phoned and left and answer message completely missed this,


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    I'm going to be there, as soon as I can figure out where the hell the Yan is????????????????

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    Just sussed it out, apparently just past the entrance to the visitors centre.

    At 15 quid for the day I'm happy with that!! Bargain.

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    Look forward to seeing you there, smithp18 and weather witch and Casca!

    YAN is the theatre at visitor centre then off to the hills for tracking!

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    Have a good day guys, I have it on good authority that a great deal of planning has gone into this.

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    I'll be there too with head office
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    And a cracking day it was too. Many thanks to Colin, Gareth, Sue and Pauline for organising it and to the Forestry folk for letting us use the land. Great weather too.

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    +1 Buchan

    Great day and a good turnout. Thanks to all who organised and ran the day.

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Indeed it was a belter day!

    The venue, organization and weather was superb. I really enjoyed it and so did the dogs! Even though my black and white spaniel missed the last gralloch she still impressed me mightily throughout the day. Aren't our dogs brilliant, a real eye opener!!
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