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Thread: Buffalo clothing systems

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    Thumbs up Buffalo clothing systems

    Thought I'd post a link to what has become one of the most versatile bits of my outdoor wardrobe. Might be of some interest to folks for winter use.

    I was recommended mine by a mountaineer who swore by them.

    Thick pile lining with a pertex shell, really warm, excellent wicking, light and fast drying.
    Mines been used for everything from highish altitude mountain walking to camping and general loafing around. It's 3 years old and still going strong.
    Can be used next to skin although I use mine over a helly so it doesn't need washing as often. They would be excellent for highseat use andf I find mine great under a DPM jacket when laid up sniping rabbits.

    Top quality british kit

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    Been using this gear for nearly 20 years now, can only say good things about it


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    Buffalo special six shirt...good on its own to well below freezing, great kit!

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    The Montane version is a cracking piece of kit too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax View Post
    The Montane version is a cracking piece of kit too.
    Definitely agree there! I've had mine for years and it's still going strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax View Post
    The Montane version is a cracking piece of kit too.
    The jacket of choice for fell runners, great kit, the wife has a Down jacket for on the hill no complaints.



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    + 1 to all comments , I've used the Special 6 shirt and the zip jacket for more than 12 years. excellent Kit.



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    Here's another company that sells the same type of kit

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    Frax, Thar,
    Are these Montane extreme smocks or jackets waterproof and silent enough for use on the hill? A English friend, gamekeeper, uses these smocks to do his job. He is a lot on a quadbike( feeding pheasants , etc....) and tells me it's great for this. Offcourse this is not a complete day on the hill. By seeing Buffalo's logo I think he also has a Buffalo smock.
    I've seen it when I was there and it looks comfortable and just the right lenght.
    What would you think of using a country covers lightweight waterproof field smock over it as a top layer for heavy prolonged rain? Or would it get to bulky?

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    They are not waterproof as they just have a pertex shell but they are quiet. They are designed to be a base/mid layer like a fleece so you just add the outer of your choice for waterproofing, thornproofing etc. Very comfy, very light and very warm

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