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Thread: New Stalker after tips

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    New Stalker after tips

    Hi all,

    I'm going on my first deer stalk in a months time and with a little bit of luck, I might have some venison in the freezer for Christmas. Though I do not expect success, and I actually feel it more likely I will be leaving the premises empty handed, what tips would you give to someone to help increase the chance of having a deer in the larder? Any pointers about etiquette (if there is any regarding deer stalking) beyond general gun safety such as muzzle discipline and so on would be greatly appreciated.


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    First of all, think positive! Your biggest problems are going to be a) carrying the monster you've shot back to the truck, and b) how you're going to fit all that venison in your freezer

    Seriously though, dress appropriately (I like to wear a tie) listen to what the guide has to say, don't feel you need to fill any silences, and just keep your eyes and ears open. Pay close attention to the wind, don't feel you HAVE to take any shot (if it doesn't feel right just take your time to get settled until it does), and most of all enjoy yourself!!! And best of luck
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    Stay close behind your guide, if the sticks go up it’s probably because a deer is close at hand and there’s nothing more frustrating than looking over your shoulder to discoverthe client is 10 paces behind and closi gthat gap will probably see the deer off....
    i have personally never found a need to wear a tie, tad overkill for the occasion? I’d much prefer to see someone in dull, base colours and materials which won’t make lots of noise etc. It is worth checking before with the guide if camo is accptible as not everyone likes it!
    Stay calm, follow instruction, but as above, if you don’t like the feel of a shot, there’s no shame in passing it up. Far better that than to spoil your first stalking outing with a memory of a wounded deer.
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    As above - only take a shot you're comfortable with. No shame in saying you're not comfortable - whether it's your 1st or 101st deer!

    I've never worn a tie stalking, especially not woodland / lowland stuff. Sometimes I'll wear tweeds on the hill depending on the venue, but never felt the need for tie.

    Make sure you're clear on pricing before you head out. Is there going to be a fee for the monster fallow buck you stumble across??

    Have a chat with the stalker before you head out and understand how he operates, what he expects and what the broad plan for the outing is. Does he want you loaded and safe or magazine in but nothing in the chamber etc? Will you be sitting tight on the edge of a woodland (plenty of clothes) or slogging up the side of a glen (very few clothes)!

    Keep your eyes open - 2 sets are better than one, and don't assume your guide will always see deer first.

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    Good luck for your first outing!

    Just a few thoughts from me;
    - Agree with deerstalker.308 about staying close to your guide and if the sticks go up, get the rifle up smoothly and quietly.
    - Wear dark coloured drab clothing. You dont need camo but anything in dark greens, browns or even blue if you dont have green or brown will be fine.
    - Bring binos if you have them and use them regularly.
    - Walk quietly making sure you dont shoof-shoof-shoof your feet through leaf litter or sticks. The noise carries a surprisingly long way! Your guide will keep an eye on the wind direction as well I'm sure but the idea is always to have the wind in your face.
    - Wearing a buff and gloves is a good idea at first light. I find that ones skin can almost glow in the dark at times and the gloves/buff combo breaks up the shape of your face and hands which otherwise would be easy to spot and a sure sign you were there.

    I also agree about taking the shot. Dont rush it, take your time and make sure you are comfortable. Squeeze off the shot, dont snatch at the trigger and if you're not comfortable dont shoot.
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    Tips, Stay close to your guide so communication is easy. Safety Safety safety. I have guided in a guy by crawling to a position to get a shot only to look behind and see his rifle pointing up my behind. He shot that one OK but moments later he had a ND as he was getting ready to take a shot at a second beast. So muzzle awareness is important. Try to assess how much time is available if you get any opportunities and make the most of that time. Sometimes you have to be quick. If you have any physical problems or are not good at shooting from certain positions tell your guide as soon as you meet. I had a client who shot fine at the target but during the week he messed up a few shots. He only told me at the end of the week he had a problem with balance and found it hard to shoot when standing. Tell your guide how much experience you have. Enjoy the whole experience and learn as much as you can from your guide. Your guide should enjoy getting you a beast or two. I love getting a first for clients whether its their first deer, first sika or first red etc. If you are taking sticks practice getting into shooting positions and dry fire. I hope it's successful and good luck

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    Assuming you are going with a guide...? : Stay very close to the guide, do what he says, don't talk or ask questions while 'stalking into' a deer; no unexpected fast movements while stalking; no shouting ('I CAN SEE ONE! THERE!!!' ) ; try to go out with as objective to SEE and OBSERVE deer rather than to SHOOT deer. (Shooting one would be a bonus, don't bank on it). Good luck and enjoy.
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    Are you stalking on the hill or woodland/lowland?


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    Re the wearing of ties, I generally go dressed as a pirate or as Napoleon, but any historical figure will do. Check with the estate beforehand for advice on this.

    More seriously, as has been said, stick close to your guide, do what he says (but don't be pressured into a shot you don't like), and keep quiet. Most of all, have fun!

    Enjoy it and let us know how you get on.

    Kindest regards,


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    Wear clothes you are comfortable in and those that do not rustle when you walk, a hat /cap is a good idea and on some occasions a mask/veil will help if you have to creep into a shooting position. Be guided as to what to do by your stalker,he is as keen for you to get the shot as much as you are to take it.Try to stay calm on your aim and still, as this will improve your result just as you do on 'paper'. All the best and enjoy your first of many outings to come!


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