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Thread: rifle slings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freeforester View Post
    Get a sling made up with an Equus type rubber rein grip, had one on my rifle the last ten years, never slips in anY position, until you take the tension off it; otoh, carried a guest's rifle the other day, neoprene wide sling - couldn't get the rifle to stay anywhere, absolute pita.
    I know the type you mean. Armstrongs of Nottingham and the Skipton Shooting Lodge offred them for many years back in the day.

    Sadly mine succumbed to a chemical reaction with gun oil, solvent or a fluid unkown and the rubber started to dissolve, leaving an appalling mess on anything it came in contact with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    I'v Got an old mk 1 Camo , they put a stud to help with sling slip , coat makers don't do it nowdays
    So have I - very handy!
    I have a loden overcoat from Germany that has a similar arrangement.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freeforester View Post
    Get a sling made up with an Equus type rubber rein grip...
    I've not seen the play myself but I know the plot, and I'm not sure this sounds good...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
    For a normal sling you wont get better than quake claw , pretty much stays where its put
    This. Every rifle I carry has a Claw.~Muir
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    Thanks guys - it looks as if the Claw is most favoured although I do now recall that a well known UK camo clothes manufacturer used to include a button on the shoulder of the jacket to prevent slippage. Does anyone have any thoughts on a biathlon type sling? - biathlon competitors always make the slings look secure when carrying and very easy and quick to un-sling and re-sling whilst competing - there must be some good reason why the biathlon type slings are not seen on hunting rifles but I am uncertain why this should be - please could someone enlighten me

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    Practical Precision has just released a sling that looks very versatile and quality made product! Worth a look

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