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Thread: Which are your go-to gunsmiths/retail stores?

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    Which are your go-to gunsmiths/retail stores?

    Hi guys

    Which are your "go to" gun stores for kit? I'm looking for recommendations for stores that provide you with a good level of customer service, knowledgable staff and a decent stock of equipment.

    We are bringing our trade sales back in house after an unsuccessful link up with RUAG for the last couple of years so I am looking for recommendations from you guys and then I will get out and about and spread the Spartan word about...

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

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    Ive used Bushwear, Swillingtons, Uttings, John Norris and the Sportsman retailers in the past year and have recieved great service from all.

    Must admit im a bit of a bargain hunter, so keep a keen eye on their promotions.

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    Steve at Ivythorn
    Greenfields in Salisbury
    Sportarm in Dorchester

    Have used all three and would recommend all of them to anyone; Steve doesn't do clothes or much in the way of accessories but is a top bloke if you're after a new rifle. Nothing much between the others just depends where's closest.

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    Back when I had need of a gun shop it was always Chris Potter Country Sports.

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    Chris over at swillingtons great to deal with nothings a problem ,and very reliable and can source things not listed on his site ,exellant service and after sales back up ........
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    Bushwear in Perth for me. Or Anglers Creel in Dundee. Robbie's generally pretty good
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    Northampton Gun, Rugby Gunshop and Norman Clarke, i have been using all three for 25 years, with faultless service.


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    Emmett & Stone in Marlow, Bucks.
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    Im lucky enough to live near Ivythorn (Steve Beatty), best service Ive come across and wouldn't dream of anywhere else for a new rifle/shotgun, moderator or bipods etc. basically anything that I would want to discuss/test before buying.

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    Thanks guys....Keep them coming! Probably a good list for anyone looking to purchase pretty much anything actually.....

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